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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-30 - from wonder to study

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00:03 pdurbin they do. it's true. but I think it would be great if they had more
00:04 melodie would they have time left for the other things which fill their lives?
00:08 pdurbin mostly they go to school+afterschool or day care. ballet and soccer on the weekends. swimming soon. they have time for more but it requires time from me or my wife (to bring them places, arrange activities, etc.)
00:09 melodie pdurbin would you consider having some vacations with your family in France, South ? There are some lovely gites and chambres d'hôtes hold by English people around. :)
00:10 melodie and lots of activities available for all ages
00:11 pdurbin sounds great
00:12 pdurbin oh. music too. I'd like them to take piano lessons
00:14 melodie it is very possible around here, but just vacations for this might not be enough :D
00:15 melodie pdurbin I give you a link in private, you can read
00:23 melodie good night
00:24 melodie left #wonderstudy
16:45 melodie joined #wonderstudy
16:46 melodie hi
17:08 Gardel joined #wonderstudy
17:25 Jehane joined #wonderstudy
17:27 melodie hi Jehane! Welcome here!
17:28 Jehane hi
17:29 melodie Jehane here is now rather quiet when it comes to helping each other while learning with online courses, but we have just started not far ago
17:29 melodie not long* ago
17:30 melodie this was the first day:
17:32 melodie Jehane I am looking forward to the time when people will come here to help each other with their courses :)
17:40 pdurbin so far so good :)
17:47 melodie hello pdurbin !
19:38 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
20:33 pdurbin melodie: hi! busy day fixing bugs
20:33 pdurbin and now to pick up the kids
20:34 melodie pdurbin all right
20:34 melodie I just read this page: // you would be interested to have a version in English.
20:34 melodie maybe in it would be more or less ok
22:20 slystone melodie: well, I'd like to begin, but I still have no free time in sight. Maybe in two weeks ^^ (Salon Solutions Linux behind, Ubuntu Party ahead, then Foire à l'autogestion…)
22:28 melodie slystone ? would you tell me more about this "Foire", but on #linuxvillage and in French please ?
22:40 sebbu2 joined #wonderstudy

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