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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-22 - from wonder to study

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00:00 ubitux i don't like meeting people :)
00:00 melodie ie:
00:00 ubitux (that's what the name suggests)
00:00 ubitux yeah no
00:00 ubitux definitely, no ;)
00:00 melodie what would you learn any language for then?
00:00 ubitux read the internet, what else?
00:01 melodie oh, ok. :)
00:01 melodie what do you not like about meeting with some people once a while?
00:01 ubitux people
00:02 ubitux i actually do meet people once in a while
00:02 melodie what do you not like about people? (nothing personal, just trying to understand the point of view)
00:02 ubitux something like once every 6 month
00:02 melodie :D
00:03 ubitux i don't find much reason to actually talk with them
00:03 ubitux i've already to deal with dozens of irc channels and mailing list
00:03 ubitux and those mediums are way superior to real life for communication purpose
00:04 ubitux typically, you can check for what's being said in real time
00:04 ubitux you can look up for related information at the same time
00:04 melodie ubitux this I can't deny
00:04 ubitux you can go back in the history of the talk to re-read something you didn't understand
00:04 ubitux etc etc
00:05 melodie and maybe I should admit I am going more and more towards that as well
00:05 ubitux so from a purely communication PoV, i don't see much interest in meeting in real life
00:05 ubitux now from a "pleasure" PoV (basically the social gene and all that shit)
00:05 ubitux i don't really have any
00:06 ubitux but it depends
00:06 ubitux once every 6 month, i'm happy to take one hour or two with real people :)
00:06 melodie perhaps some circles gather people who are more interesting than others?
00:06 melodie really once every six months? For how long? :D
00:06 melodie 5 minutes? One hour? Half a day?
00:06 ubitux it's mostly random TBH
00:07 ubitux 1-2 hours
00:07 ubitux time to eat or something
00:07 melodie beg your pardon, what is TBH ?
00:07 ubitux To Be Honest
00:07 melodie ok
00:07 ubitux!ud+tbh
00:07 ubitux!ud+tbh
00:08 melodie very good thanks
00:08 melodie monday morning I was at the local open air market
00:08 melodie it's a very typical one, and there are many merchants, I know a few who I am friend with.
00:09 melodie there was sooo much people! and they were moving sooo slow I thought I could never get out of there! :D
00:09 melodie they were like zombies going, totally asleep
00:10 ubitux welcome to the real world neo
00:10 ubitux zombies everywhere
00:10 ubitux anyway, i like to have a talk with people from a different "world" than mine, sometimes
00:10 ubitux but it's often mostly focused on braindead talks about non sense, stupid stories and shit
00:11 ubitux i've access to all that crap all day through the internet, i don't need to go out with ppl to get that :p
00:15 melodie and on Internet you can mostly avoid them...
00:16 melodie yesterday I had a talk with a member of LinuxVillage who lives in the center of the US, where he was under tornadoe drills: not far from Oklahoma City where this was happening
00:17 melodie I had a discussion then related to the natural environment and the wrong the humans have done to nature since they spread in the territories
00:17 melodie later I started a discussion somewhere else, and talking with women who live in the States around the place told me the land has always been how it is
00:18 melodie but later I found texts about a very old book written by an american man in 19th century... and this book among other things talk about lots of forests which were existing at that time
00:19 melodie ubitux worse than having discussions of little value, I feel frustrated about discussions where some hypothesis going their way could lead one day to positive changes
00:20 ubitux about your environment thing, you might want to check out
00:21 melodie I will
00:21 ubitux an interesting talk, which is pretty related to what you just said
00:21 ubitux basically it's explaining why there are so much desert, and how to fight it
00:21 ubitux it's pretty nice
00:21 melodie I have seen this one formerly:
00:22 melodie and wrote this little article quoting this conference:
00:30 melodie ubitux I am watching the conference of Allan Savory now. Very nice!
00:45 melodie I just finished watching, it is really great! I'll add it to the list of testimonials and methods to talk about and spread
00:51 ubitux :)
00:53 ubitux <+melodie> ubitux worse than having discussions of little value, I feel frustrated about discussions where some hypothesis going their way could lead one day to positive changes // talking should be done after action
00:53 ubitux do something → discuss the results → loop
00:53 ubitux the problem with throwing random hypothesis all the time is that it leads to nowhere
00:53 ubitux and you're always stuck in your thoughts trying to figuring out problems that don't even exists yet and forgetting obvious ones
00:54 ubitux get some shit done first, then discuss
00:54 ubitux and that's why random meetings make no sense, since that's typically that kind of discussion
00:54 melodie I was giving and examples, but more is needed
00:54 ubitux you could quote Mononoke Hime ;)
00:55 melodie because some experiences which seem to me that it could be applied elsewhere may be defeated by some local specific conditions which I don't know about, of course
00:55 ubitux if you're into animes, i might have some stuff to recommend on nature & shit
00:55 melodie Mononoke Hime ? Who is that ? :)
00:55 ubitux ow.
00:55 ubitux
00:55 ubitux come on.
00:55 melodie coming, coming :D
00:56 ubitux even my parents know them
00:56 ubitux s/them/it/
00:57 melodie ubitux allow me to put one thing
00:58 melodie I am the kind of person who nevers says "yes" when I don't know about sometihng
00:58 melodie something
00:58 melodie I don't know : I ask
00:58 melodie nothing more, nothing less
00:58 melodie I am not going to change about that
00:58 melodie now I am reading your page :)
00:59 ubitux i was just wondering in what universe you were frolicking these last years
00:59 melodie not in the same as yours, very probably
00:59 ubitux you shouldn't be reading the page, you should be downloading it and watching the progress
01:00 ubitux melodie: hime = princess, never heard of this?
01:00 ubitux i mean, you should have met one or two otaku in your life
01:00 ubitux even on irc
01:01 melodie *I just met with you again. Isn't that great? :D
01:01 ubitux :)
01:03 melodie ubitux could you come a few minutes to the #linuxvillage chan and explain a few details to me in French?
01:03 melodie I'll be right here, need a glass of water...
01:04 ubitux what a vicious method to get me there...
01:07 melodie you can go and leave whenever you want just here we should talk English only, and in #linuxvillage we can talk either or
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