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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-21 - from wonder to study

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00:37 melodie joined #wonderstudy
00:37 melodie joined #wonderstudy
03:41 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
11:00 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
16:19 melodie joined #wonderstudy
16:19 melodie joined #wonderstudy
16:24 melodie hi
16:42 kotux joined #wonderstudy
16:42 kotux hello
16:43 melodie welcome kotux !
16:43 kotux whoa, we all have voice around here.
16:45 melodie yes, we want a chan open however protected against possible spammers
16:47 melodie so what are you studing at #ubuntu-classroom kotux ?
16:48 kotux
16:49 kotux Open Week  happens today and tomorrow.  Currently, it's Ubuntu Quality
16:49 kotux and how to get involved in it.
16:50 melodie kotux it seems not possible to answer at #ubuntu-classroom, I get "* #ubuntu-classroom :Cannot send to channel"
16:51 melodie is that for every people attending there?
16:51 kotux you must join #ubuntu-classroom-chat
16:51 kotux yes, the classroom is reserved for the teacher.
16:51 kotux the classroom chat is where you can ask your questions.  There are only 10 min remaining of the current session.
16:51 melodie ok
16:52 melodie and what are you specifically interested in?
16:52 kotux I'm interested in writing documentation and probably testcases in the near future
16:52 melodie ok
16:53 melodie sort of programs meant to test other programs? Benchmark kind?
16:53 kotux yeah, in ubuntu quality, we call them 'testcases'
16:54 kotux Another thing, although you missed out on the sessions, you can still check out the irc logs.
16:54 melodie ok
16:55 melodie I am not interested for myself right now, however here the chan is logged to, so one day or another someone else might be interested
16:59 kotux sure
17:00 kotux Anyway, I won't be around for a while.   I have to study.
17:00 melodie you can stay logged and type /away if you want to
17:00 kotux cool
17:01 kotux what if I want to return?
17:01 melodie and here is also meant to ask for help in studying when needed (provided enough people are logged in and available)
17:01 melodie you can return any time, wait a sec I voice you auto
17:01 melodie your nick isn't registered, could you register it ?
17:02 melodie
17:03 kotux What i mean was if there is a command for 'away,' what's the exact opposite?
17:06 kotux k
17:16 kotux joined #wonderstudy
17:17 melodie kotux the opposite in xchat is /back
17:17 melodie in irssi it's the same
17:17 kotux sweet thanks
17:18 melodie you do /away and also /away in irssi and in other clients I don't know
17:18 kotux left #wonderstudy
17:18 kotux joined #wonderstudy
17:18 melodie can you register your nick so I can voice you ?
17:18 kotux I registered
17:18 melodie so I can "autovoice" you
17:18 melodie good!
17:18 melodie thanks
17:18 kotux no problem, atm do you have any plans for the wonderstudy project?
17:20 melodie let #wonderstudy be known at all places we have listed so far and then restart viewing the courses I started with : cs50 at
17:44 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
18:10 kotux joined #wonderstudy
20:52 kotux joined #wonderstudy
22:55 pdurbin kotux: I guess one of my plans is to improve our website:
22:55 pdurbin as time allows :)
22:57 melodie pdurbin what if we would not take more time on this but focus on letting people who are already taking courses know about the present chan?
23:02 pdurbin sure. no objections
23:04 melodie imo there are enough links on that github page :)
23:22 pdurbin the links we have are an excellent start
23:22 pdurbin I don't mind having that open issue to remind me to look at the ones ubitux typed up for us though
23:26 melodie sure, you mean we need to add some from his list, right ?
23:26 melodie how did you solve that ?
23:32 ubitux you should store all the links into a json file, python array, or something
23:32 ubitux with tags, description, etc
23:32 ubitux and then generate a page with whatever layout you want
23:32 ubitux it will also ease scripting to check if the website is still up etc
23:34 melodie ubitux you can do it if you want to
23:34 ubitux nope
23:34 ubitux i'm just an idea thrower
23:35 melodie all I wanted was a chan where we can have discussions about the courses we are taking, ask and get help
23:35 ubitux and i throw them far away from me
23:35 melodie don't throw too much we will be overwhelmed :)
23:47 pdurbin ubitux: I like the way you think. I'd probably use YAML
23:47 ubitux why yaml?
23:48 pdurbin I find it more readable than JSON
23:48 ubitux i'm curious about the benefit over json
23:48 ubitux ah...
23:48 pdurbin the bottom of this file has some YAML:
23:48 pdurbin with tags, etc.
23:48 melodie ubitux do you use Archlinux?
23:49 ubitux melodie: yes
23:49 melodie I think you helped me many times in the paste years, on the chan arch-fr
23:49 ubitux possibly
23:50 ubitux pdurbin: benefit of json is that it's really simple to use; typically with python, you load the data into a dict in 2 lines
23:50 ubitux pdurbin: and it also has the advantage not to even require a page generation, if you use javascript for the layout
23:51 ubitux OTOH, it seems you can get a text friendly output with yaml
23:51 ubitux so well, just a matter of taste i guess
23:52 melodie ubitux is there one or the other of the courses online which you have followed or intend to follow?
23:52 pdurbin python 2.6 and higher supports JSON natively, which is great. I used python -m json.tool from the command line all the time for pretty printing
23:52 ubitux i'm following a few courses from coursera
23:52 ubitux but i'm not taking the exam
23:52 ubitux just watching the videos
23:53 ubitux when i'm not too busy..
23:53 melodie ubitux out of curiosity, which ones do you follow?
23:53 ubitux melodie: my coursera-dl directory says dsp-001 images-2012-001 maththink-2012-001 musicproduction-001
23:54 melodie what does dsp stand for ?
23:54 ubitux digital signal processing
23:54 melodie ok I see
23:55 ubitux but i didn't yet watch the maththink ones, i've not enough basis to understand properly dsp, musicproduction was relatively interesting but not very technical (just watched out of curiosity), and images was about video filtering and pretty nice overall
23:55 melodie I tried to follow the python introductory course, but lost the timeline in the way, when there was some school vacation... and my son at home
23:55 melodie maybe I can try to follow again a little before they end the course
23:55 ubitux i'm trying to learn japanese too, but the problem is... there is actually too much ressources
23:55 melodie too much ?
23:55 ubitux yeah
23:55 melodie you can't choose perhaps?
23:56 ubitux yeah
23:56 ubitux :))
23:56 melodie are you in Paris?
23:56 ubitux yes
23:56 melodie there is a blog related to Japonese lovers in Paris
23:56 ubitux i don't need more ressources ;)
23:56 melodie I don't quite remember where but...
23:56 melodie what about meeting with people to practice?
23:57 ubitux i don't like out doors :)
23:57 melodie instead of more resources, I was thinking more about other types of resource
23:57 ubitux it's okay
23:57 ubitux i'll consider this when i'll have more basis
23:57 ubitux i know exactly how i'm supposed to learn, and what to learn
23:58 ubitux i just need to get a grip on myself
23:58 ubitux another problem is that i'm too involved in well... foss
23:59 ubitux (this one is my time eater ^)
23:59 melodie sure
23:59 melodie to you know "meetup" ?

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