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00:01 pdurbin Rho?
00:03 sebbu so, my links ?
00:08 pdurbin sebbu: merged
00:09 pdurbin thanks
00:10 sebbu most of them are about computer science
00:11 sebbu maybe renaming links to the name of the feed would be better
00:11 sebbu (for the youtube ones)
00:12 sebbu I'll try an update later
00:14 sebbu there's too
00:14 pdurbin_m sounds good. I need to do the same for some links I added
00:15 pdurbin_m hmm, nice. good emphasis on design
00:15 pdurbin_m maybe we could list "sister sites"
00:16 sebbu
00:16 sebbu grr
00:16 sebbu
00:26 slystone 'night!
00:28 pdurbin sebbu: I just gave you push access to so you shouldn't need to make pull requests any more. you can just edit if you want
09:52 sebbu pdurbin, thx, I modified my links
09:52 sebbu still not sure where I should add codecademy & others alike
09:57 Gardel joined #wonderstudy
09:57 JesseH joined #wonderstudy
10:11 ubitux joined #wonderstudy
11:38 pdurbin sebbu: much better. thanks!
11:38 pdurbin yeah, I'm not sure the best way to organize the site
11:39 sebbu can't help you for that, i'm not sure either
11:39 sebbu even my bookmarks aren't organized
11:39 pdurbin good enough for our first week, I think :)
11:39 sebbu they just have tags
11:39 sebbu hum
11:40 sebbu Since I now have push access, I could delete my fork ?
11:42 ubitux (note: missing /topic)
11:42 pdurbin ubitux: d'oh!
11:43 ubitux /topic
11:43 ubitux i guess
11:43 Topic for #wonderstudy is now - from wonder to study | logs at
11:43 pdurbin ubitux: thanks
11:44 pdurbin ubitux: I first set the topic at but I re-created the channel
11:44 pdurbin sebbu: sure, no need for your fork. I trust you :)
11:45 pdurbin hmm, other new people
11:45 ubitux pdurbin: I'm sorry, but you have no excuse, and I won't tolerate such mistake
11:45 pdurbin Gardel: welcome!
11:45 pdurbin JesseH: welcome!
11:45 pdurbin ubitux: grr! ;)
11:45 ubitux :)
11:46 sebbu pdurbin, the logs are 7 days old
11:48 pdurbin yep, we're just getting started :)
11:57 ubitux was this project/community motivated by btw?
11:57 ubitux :)
11:57 Gardel nice pic
11:57 ubitux (took me half an hour to find it back FFS)
11:57 Gardel ty
11:57 ubitux grepping irc logs like shit
12:01 sebbu it's hard for urls with identifiants instead of useful keywords
12:02 ubitux and some more:
12:03 ubitux i think i have some MIT free courses url lying around, but maybe it's already submitted
12:05 Gardel joined #wonderstudy
12:09 ubitux does anyone want me to make a text version out of the imgur pic?
12:11 Gardel does ffmpeg include an OCR?
12:12 ubitux nope, but my brain has an effective one
12:12 sebbu ubitux, I think it'll be good, but a source better than imgur could be good
12:12 sebbu I know there's a website with lots of images alike
12:12 Gardel so I gave you an idea for a new feature
12:12 sebbu on tons of domains
12:12 sebbu but i don't remember the url
12:13 ubitux oh and i don't know if it has its place here
12:13 ubitux but this is a nice one:
12:13 ubitux a bit too much specialized likely, and well, just a book
12:13 ubitux but a fairly complete one
12:13 pdurbin ubitux: here's how this channel started: "with all theses universities providing courses online wouldn't it be nice to have an IRC chan, which could be dedicated to them all ?" -- melodie at
12:14 ubitux that nickname tells me something...
12:16 ubitux :)
12:17 ubitux i'm going to make a txt and dump all kind of shit in it
12:17 ubitux you'll pick what you want from it
12:21 sebbu
12:21 sebbu started from here
12:22 ubitux i hope you guys will write a bot to check for 404 and various other down
12:22 ubitux to flag the current link db
12:26 sebbu Maybe there's in the "service hooks" available in the settings, I still didn't checked them all
12:26 sebbu +one
12:29 ubitux
12:30 ubitux all of them look up, except
12:30 ubitux which is broken here
12:31 sebbu it's
12:31 sebbu :)
12:31 ubitux i see
12:32 ubitux fixed
12:32 ubitux anyway; so i'd add and the meta ; and possibly the two others i quoted previously (i have no idea of the value of them)
12:33 ubitux i'm too lazy to mess with the .md on the git though, so feel free to do it
13:00 pdurbin thanks for all the links, everyone
14:24 melodie joined #wonderstudy
14:24 melodie joined #wonderstudy
14:24 melodie hello
14:24 melodie I have caught up the conversation by reading here:
14:24 melodie I have opened the image pointed to by ubitux
14:26 melodie and wondered if it would be possible to get a text version for the links not yet presented at the github wonderstudy page ? Particularly the links for courses in languages, which might be useful to anyone who would want to take a course in English but is not fluent in then language
14:28 pdurbin melodie: it sounds like ubitux was offering to make a text version of that imgur pic
14:29 melodie oh, very good, thank you ubitux!
14:29 pdurbin ubitux: if you're still willing, I would appreciate it :)
14:29 melodie pdurbin you didn't finish the configuration here did you? Do you intend to take care of it during the coming week?
14:32 pdurbin melodie: the chanserv thing? I've never added chanserv to a channel. wouldn't it be enough to make you a founder of this channel? then you could become an op, etc.
14:33 melodie pdurbin are you going backwards because it's a big work to configure it all? I've been through that before a pair of times. ;)
14:34 melodie I would prefer you take care of it :)
14:34 ubitux pdurbin: i did it.
14:34 ubitux pdurbin: 14:30:09 < ubitux>
14:34 ubitux melodie: aren't you someone from either archlinux or amsn? i think i remember someone from there with your nickname, but that's years ago
14:35 pdurbin ubitux: oh! I missed that. thanks!
14:41 melodie hi ubitux yes, Archlinux user
14:42 melodie ubitux I remember you nick too :)
14:43 ubitux so i wasn't smoking weed, okay :)
14:43 melodie O_^
14:43 melodie lol
14:43 melodie ubitux how did you land here btw?
14:44 ubitux some from here leaked a link on another server/channel
14:44 ubitux someone*
14:44 melodie pdurbin do you want us to ask help from a freenode staffer ? I had all the commands long ago but they are not in use anymore, it was numbers at that time
14:44 melodie ubitux which chan was that ?
14:45 ubitux a semi-private one
14:45 melodie what is a semi-private chan? o_o
14:45 ubitux a friendly lost channel
14:45 ubitux why do you ask? :)
14:46 melodie ubitux because I am curious
14:47 melodie ubitux you can visit #linuxvillage too :)
14:47 ubitux i've enough channels, thank you
14:49 melodie well try visiting us once a while then, it will be nice!
14:49 melodie we talk French and English there
14:50 ubitux really, i've enough channels :)
14:50 melodie as it suits you :)
14:58 pdurbin melodie: I'm sure we can figure out the commands. I'm more just curious what your goal is with chanserv or whatever else
15:01 sebbu well, I posted the site on several channel after melodie posted it on ##programmation
15:02 melodie pdurbin I look my tutorial and will try to answer your question
15:03 melodie one thing for sure, ChanServ we be logged in and keep the chan even when I'm not connected there. If someone has trouble with a spammer on the chan and reports to #freenode the staffers can come and act to stop the spammer
15:20 pdurbin oh, I see... so having ChanServ in here is more for the benefit of the freenode staffers. it's so they can op themselves
15:21 pdurbin I assumed freenode staffers could simply op themselves in any channel
15:21 sebbu some (ircops) can
15:21 melodie pdurbin no
15:21 melodie it's for the benefit and the safety of the chan
15:21 melodie and of the users of the chan
15:21 sebbu chanserv would allow some users to have automatic op for exemple (or right to op themselves)
15:22 melodie the staffers don't benefit of anything, we do
15:22 melodie it is just more work for them when they are needed, which they do with lots of good will and very nicely
15:23 melodie sebbu yes, also, auto op is good
15:24 melodie sebbu is it chanserv who registers the nickserv commands ? As in "/msg NickServ FLAGS #wonderstudy melodie +V" :D
15:35 pdurbin slystone: yesterday you linked to at that says, "You shouldn’t be operator any longer than you have to, as it creates an unhelpful class distinction among channel users and not knowing who is operator can help keep trolls from causing trouble."
15:35 sebbu no, chanserv and nickserv doesn't really interacts
15:35 sebbu chanserv just use nickserv to identify the ppl
15:36 sebbu if they're registered&identified, they have the access they have, otherwise they don't, that's all
15:37 sebbu flags is on chanserv :p
15:38 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
15:42 melodie pdurbin I have not considered that part and it does not seem to me that keeping the op ever caused problems on chans where I am logged in, be it the one I created or others
15:42 slystone pdurbin: oO I've never said that.
15:42 melodie slystone not you but some of the tutorials do
15:42 slystone Oh, ok.
15:43 melodie pdurbin anyhow you can op out as you want
15:43 melodie any time
15:43 slystone melodie: I tend to agree it's bs.
15:44 melodie but once opped out you can't voice someone or just type a "/mode +m" immediatly if a spammer comes in. so you have to remember the @!$££## op in command fast :D
15:57 sebbu you can /cs voice
15:57 sebbu /cs mode #salon +m
16:24 pdurbin I have so much to learn about IRC
16:27 melodie what would be nice additionnally to have ChanServ with the guard on command, would be everyone voiced, however some chans prefer no one voiced, but I don't know why
16:41 melodie pdurbin I didn't learn much about IRC myself, just did the commands to set it up, and then forgot about them. :D
16:41 pdurbin melodie: I try to write this stuff down:
16:42 pdurbin but I could be better about it
16:42 * pdurbin heads out. bike parade!
18:51 melodie pdurbin some limited op rights can be +ARVfiorstv // this is what I gave to someone I wanted to help (and trusted to do so)
18:52 melodie the right for the founder : +AFORVfiorstv
18:54 pdurbin hmm
18:55 sebbu I'm not sure i'ld have put the R
18:56 sebbu or the s
19:04 pdurbin melodie: I just gave you the same access I have: +AFRfiorstv
19:04 pdurbin (not that I understand what all those flags mean) ... :)
19:08 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
19:10 sebbu /msg chanserv help flags
19:12 melodie pdurbin what would you want me to do exactly?
19:19 melodie pdurbin you missed +O : auto op
19:19 melodie
19:19 melodie I look at the rest
19:20 melodie and +V is useful too, autovoice
19:20 melodie pdurbin could you add them please?
19:25 pdurbin melodie: I think you should be able to make these changes yourself now
19:25 melodie I can't
19:25 pdurbin melodie: this is what I typed: /msg chanserv flags #wonderstudy melodie +AFRfiorstv
19:26 melodie I just told you what is needed
19:26 melodie I can't auto op
19:26 pdurbin hmm
19:26 melodie you should add it for yourself too
19:26 pdurbin melodie: but you can manually op, right?
19:27 melodie * #wonderstudy :You're not a channel operator
19:27 melodie can you see what I just pasted?
19:27 pdurbin hmm
19:27 pdurbin ok, I was able to make you an op with: /msg chanserv op #wonderstudy melodie
19:28 pdurbin and I'm able to op myself with: /msg chanserv op #wonderstudy pdurbin
19:28 melodie thank you
19:28 pdurbin and deop with: /msg chanserv deop #wonderstudy pdurbin
19:29 NoNa left #wonderstudy
19:29 melodie I would suppose auto op allows being op whenever leaving the chan and coming back
19:29 melodie and same for autovoice
19:29 pdurbin I suppose it wouldn't hurt
19:30 pdurbin but I don't do this in any other channel
19:30 melodie pdurbin what do you think about having ChanServ on guard here? Did you consider it?
19:30 pdurbin melodie: I don't have any objections. we have the same access. you can set it up if you want
19:33 ChanServ joined #wonderstudy
19:33 melodie done
19:33 melodie this was "/msg ChanServ SET #wonderstudy GUARD ON"
19:35 melodie pdurbin do you want auto op for yourself?
19:37 sebbu autoop is +O
19:38 melodie sebbu yes
19:39 melodie I have auto opped myself I was asking pdurbin if he wants me to auto op him
19:40 melodie the +V flag seems to work
19:41 melodie slystone have you made your first template yet ?
19:43 melodie pdurbin you didn't answer, so I auto opped you, if you want to remove the flag, feel free to do it
19:43 melodie pdurbin philbot is not registered?
20:11 pdurbin_m joined #wonderstudy
20:12 pdurbin_m melodie: no, not registered
20:28 JesseH hi
20:29 pdurbin JesseH: hi!
20:30 JesseH :-)
20:30 JesseH How goes it?
20:32 pdurbin fine. the main study going on in the house at the moment is about mealworms :)
20:32 pdurbin "climby" as she is called by my 6 year old
20:33 JesseH I don't actually know what all this is :P sebbu brought me here
20:33 pdurbin :)
20:34 pdurbin sebbu is helping us with our website: Update with new conferences recorded talks or podcasts · f9a18f8 · wonderstudy/ -
20:45 sebbu JesseH, educational stuff I told you
20:45 JesseH that explains so much ;P
20:45 sebbu just watch the website
20:47 sebbu pdurbin, there's lots of links to add (from thoses past hours), but i'm not sure how/in which part
20:59 pdurbin I know. A lot of links! It's great, but how best to organize the site, I wonder
21:03 pdurbin personally, I prefer audio I can subscribe to with a podcatcher on my phone
21:05 pdurbin while I've heard good things about Coursera stuff, I'm not sure if I can subscribe to it in that way. and I think you need to "keep up" with the class. you can't just take it at your own pace, listening to lectures here and there as time allows
21:09 melodie joined #wonderstudy
21:09 melodie joined #wonderstudy
21:10 melodie hi again
21:10 melodie pdurbin I just caught up from the log
21:11 melodie I was also thinking about some organization for the links I had one or two ideas about it
21:19 pdurbin oh good
21:20 melodie pdurbin do you remember this program you have shown to me once? Related to filtering methods with drop down menus?
21:20 pdurbin hmm... no...
21:22 melodie I should browse #crimsonfu to seek for it, I suppose but I don't remember what the name for it was
21:22 melodie or I'll browse my history with wikipedia as filter key word
21:22 melodie or I try to describe
21:22 melodie it is methods to classify things
21:23 melodie does that ring a bell?
21:23 melodie according to multiple criteria
21:26 melodie pdurbin !
21:26 melodie
21:26 melodie this one !
21:31 slystone melodie: well not yet.
21:32 JesseH left #wonderstudy
21:32 melodie slystone what are you answering to?
21:32 slystone Well, to oragnize the links you can just tag them, wouldn't it work?
21:32 slystone melodie: your question about templates.
21:32 melodie that's an idea, tags can be helpful
21:33 slystone melodie: some tools like shaarli do it.
21:34 melodie in github with it's markdown syntax?
21:35 slystone melodie: not at all.
21:35 slystone
21:36 slystone I'll probably set up one myself.
21:36 melodie thanks but this is too much reading for me now
21:37 melodie if you set up one for yourself, and if it is publicly available would you show me?
21:38 slystone melodie: you've got an example here
21:38 melodie one idea I also had would be to specify who the courses were intended to, with the requirements (level... )
21:39 melodie and another one would be if the course was interactive or not
21:40 melodie and thinking about something pdurbin said earlier, let people know where are the courses which can be started at any time in the year and be picked when one has time, and others such as coursera where a course is provided in a limited span of time
21:41 slystone melodie: and you could add some countdowns. :)
21:41 melodie slystone like what?
21:42 slystone A countdown for each course that begins at a fixed date.
21:45 pdurbin oh, facets. faceted search. yes, think about this all the time now because I'm implementing this feature at work:
21:47 pdurbin yes, facets are kind of like tags, I guess. categories
21:49 melodie pdurbin do you know any markdown editor which does the job of adding the syntax for the user? I'd like to do some diff between what was posted here by ubitux earlier and what is already published on the github wonderstudy page
21:50 pdurbin melodie: uses markdown and has a preview at the bottom, below what you type
21:51 pdurbin and it has a wysiwyg editor
21:51 melodie pdurbin what about a gui editor in the system?
21:51 melodie do you know any?
21:51 pdurbin yes, gui editor: wysiwyg
21:53 pdurbin melodie: if you ask in #crimsonfu others might have some good ideas. I'm not exactly sure what you want
21:53 melodie which can be installed into the computer?
21:53 melodie ok, no problem
21:54 melodie I'll search another day
21:54 melodie
21:54 melodie this contains links which are not yet at github wonderstudy page and some which are already in it
21:55 melodie it will need a diff I guess
21:56 melodie and a gui tool would be nice too, to create the links instead of having to type the tags by hand
21:57 melodie if it's only me, all this will fast end into a wordpress cms XD
21:59 melodie but I don't know much of github yet, so I probably miss a lot of what exists there
21:59 ubitux want me to reformat them?
22:00 melodie ubitux what about forking and sending a pull request containing a diff ?
22:00 ubitux no i'm too lazy
22:00 melodie no hurry... you could do that at the right time for you
22:00 melodie could you at least make a diff?
22:00 ubitux well it requires some brain to know where to put them
22:00 ubitux that's the main effort
22:00 ubitux to the git part
22:01 melodie diff
22:01 ubitux the question is
22:01 ubitux where do you put the links into that page?
22:01 ubitux with what categories etc
22:02 ubitux i just don't want to think about that
22:02 melodie don't, just see what we already posted and what is common with your list?
22:02 ubitux :effort:
22:02 ubitux i'm busy with other projects
22:02 ubitux sorry
22:02 pdurbin ubitux: exactly. where? :)
22:03 melodie ubitux if you can reformat it to get the links linkable that could help
22:03 ubitux markdown has some url matching afaik
22:03 pdurbin to remind us: Add links from · Issue #2 · wonderstudy/ - :)
22:04 ubitux you should add the other links of the day too..
22:04 melodie good night all
22:04 melodie see you
23:33 pdurbin was interesting. I took some notes at
23:56 Gardel joined #wonderstudy

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