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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-12 - from wonder to study

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00:21 pdurbin joined #wonderstudy
00:23 melodie pdurbin I have posted more
00:23 melodie have you checked the last ?
00:24 pdurbin melodie: I got disconnected. netsplit. I was alone in a lot of channels. I disconnected from freenode and reconnected
00:25 melodie I have seen
00:25 pdurbin looks like philbot was here the whole time :)
00:25 melodie I'll have to go to sleep now but I wanted to tell you to check the last lines
00:25 * pdurbin gives philbot a treat
00:25 melodie just before you were disconnected
00:26 melodie yes, philbot was here all the time as far as I know
00:26 pdurbin ok. I will. thanks
00:26 melodie so soulshake came from the #linuxchix chan, from
00:26 melodie bye now :)
00:32 pdurbin soulshake: welcome!
00:34 pdurbin "The best place on the web to learn anything, free." -- ... hmm, "<aj>" ... maybe that came from #linuxchix. looks interesting
00:35 soulshake thanks :)
00:35 soulshake yeah, i haven't used it much but i like the idea and it's a good collection of resources
00:36 pdurbin you mean. yeah. very nice
00:36 pdurbin "The internet has changed the way we access information, communicate and learn. There are thousands of websites that can teach you everything you'd want to learn about for free. There's no longer an excuse for not being able to learn something. I wanted to create a website that will point people towards the best places on the web to learn what they want." --
00:36 pdurbin yeah, that sounds great
01:22 slystone joined #wonderstudy
01:41 soulshake pdurbin: indeed. that really is the beauty of the internets
01:46 pdurbin yeah
01:47 pdurbin I think what I have in mind for this community is something a bit more... curated, I guess. with people recommending courses they've taken, lectures they've enjoyed, etc.
01:49 soulshake interesting. what else are you going for, ultimately?
01:51 pdurbin well, this IRC channel is a big part of it. people helping each other out
01:57 soulshake for me… that's the biggest obstacle
01:58 soulshake lack of mentorship, or at least a person or a place where i can just go ask for a point in the right direction.
01:58 soulshake adopt-a-noob :D
01:59 pdurbin heh. sure
01:59 pdurbin "with all theses universities providing courses online wouldn't it be nice to have an IRC chan, which could be dedicated to them all ?" --
02:00 pdurbin that was the original idea, the original question, from melodie
02:00 soulshake it's so true
02:00 pdurbin soulshake: we're all noobs on most topics. :)
02:01 soulshake and how
02:01 soulshake this kind of thing could be really useful
02:03 soulshake a channel full of friendly, helpful, nerdy renaissance souls? yes please
02:03 soulshake reference librarians for the internet
02:03 pdurbin heh. sure. why not
02:04 pdurbin have you ever heard of ? as part of ?
02:04 pdurbin it's out of Korea
02:05 pdurbin I heard Joel Spolsky talk about once. on a stackoverflow or stackexchange podcast. how it's common in Korea for people to ask each other questions online, almost in the way many of us use Google for search
02:06 pdurbin I think it's a powerful idea
02:07 pdurbin I mean, yes, the idea of "let me google that for you" makes sense to me too but sometimes you want a recommendation from a real person
06:48 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
14:14 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
16:18 NoNa joined #wonderstudy

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