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12:49 philbot joined #wonderstudy
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12:51 melodie joined #wonderstudy
12:51 melodie hi
12:51 melodie I don't know if I like the name
12:51 pdurbin what?!? ;)
12:52 melodie wonder as in wonderland or wonder as "I am in a wonder"
12:52 pdurbin what's not to like about #wonderstudy? ;)
12:52 melodie no ?
12:52 pdurbin wonder as in... "I'm wondering about something... I want to learn more about something"
12:52 melodie "what's not to like" I can't understand this sentence
12:53 Topic for #wonderstudy is now from wonder to study | IRC logs:
12:54 pdurbin wonderstudy is a play on words, it sounds like understudy
12:56 pdurbin an understudy is an actor or actress who learns all the lines for a part and is ready to perform if someone gets sick and can not perform
12:57 melodie this might not be understood by the majority of people. : in the world million people speak English, and among them several million are not English native
12:57 pdurbin sure, I understand that
12:57 melodie if it were dedicated to English natives only it would sound nice and fun, and otherwise not at hand
12:58 pdurbin you don't like the word "wonder"?
12:58 pdurbin a child is full of wonder, very curious about the world
12:59 melodie it is the first time I hear about understudy, and I have been learning english since school and came to practice a lot along the years, although not everyday, except on forums these last years, and on chans
12:59 melodie I'd choose something more direct such as #onlinestudies
12:59 pdurbin sure. understudy is not a common word. you hear it if you are an actor or if you go to a lot of plays
12:59 melodie or #onlineuniversities
13:00 melodie who will it be dedicated to in your idea ?
13:00 melodie the users or the ones who make the courses ?
13:00 pdurbin the users
13:01 melodie will it be dedicated to computing or to any topic ?
13:01 pdurbin any topic
13:01 melodie how will you bring people to it, from the online courses ?
13:02 pdurbin by linking to the IRC logs
13:02 pdurbin or people might search and find the IRC logs
13:02 melodie pdurbin I stick to what I said before : #opencourseware, because you can link to the wikipedia definition in the topic of the chan
13:02 melodie it's more precise, it is known
13:04 melodie anywhere we talk about it, forums, mails, mailing lists, we can link to the wikipedia definition and announce we created a chan for discussions around the topics
13:04 melodie but do as you wish..
13:04 pdurbin I understand but people might think that a channel named #opencourseware is officially part of The OpenCourseWare Consortium ( ) ... but any channel I start wouldn't be
13:04 melodie then name it ##opencourseware
13:04 melodie this will sound not so official
13:05 pdurbin heh. that *is* the freenode convention
13:05 melodie if they don't know the diff
13:05 melodie yes, you can tell them it is a freenode convention to show it's not official
13:05 melodie conventions are meant to be used
13:06 pdurbin I'm still more comfortable with having a unique name
13:06 melodie what is a unique name ?
13:07 pdurbin a name that does not imply it is part of a different organization
13:07 melodie ok then what about #opencourses ?
13:08 melodie :)
13:08 melodie pdurbin is thinking... ;-)
13:08 pdurbin hmm, maybe but when I wonder about something I often listen to podcasts about a topic rather than listening to or watching a full course
13:09 pdurbin in this way "wonderstudy" is more broad. it can refer to other forms of study besides courses
13:09 melodie humm
13:09 pdurbin you wonder about something, then you study it :)
13:09 melodie when I wonder about something, anything, I go to the chans I know and ask there
13:10 pdurbin sure, that could be on topic too :)
13:10 melodie if opening a chan dedicated to the people studying online with edx and other places mean having the same sort of direction then of what use would it be ?
13:11 pdurbin why have more than one channel, you are asking?
13:11 melodie if you open a chan dedicated to the people who don't have one yet, and make it have a name that is self-explanatory...
13:12 melodie then the people who want to help and get help for their studies throught the open course ware places will know it is the very chan for them
13:13 melodie they can be from any country: India, China, US, Uruguay, Spain, Germany, France, Quebec, Kenya : they will not wonder about this IRC wonderland ;-)
13:13 pdurbin heh
13:13 pdurbin well, at least it has the word "study" in it :)
13:13 pdurbin that helps, right?
13:13 pdurbin :)
13:13 melodie not really
13:13 pdurbin !
13:14 pdurbin I think it helps :)
13:15 melodie it might be a matter of semantics
13:15 pdurbin it definitely is :)
13:15 melodie what you think might not reflect what we see
13:15 melodie let me demonstrate to you
13:15 melodie
13:15 melodie do ctrl+f and type in study
13:15 melodie then
13:15 melodie do ctrl+f and type in course : what do you see ?
13:17 pdurbin nothing for "study" and a lot for "course" ... and it's the same at of course... heh of "course" :)
13:18 pdurbin "naming a website is hard. Really, really hard" -- :)
13:18 pdurbin the same is true of IRC channels :)
13:19 pdurbin of course, I'll probably want a website for this too
13:19 pdurbin whatever the final name is :)
13:21 pdurbin melodie: again, at I told you I had thought of a "working title" ... which is #wonderstudy ... I'm ok with changing it if we can think of something better :)
13:21 melodie pdurbin and this in my idea would be related to what people's minds have registered: when they register "courses" many times, the word "study" might refer more to their own hard work, than to what is provided to them... or this kind of thing
13:21 pdurbin hmm, you think the word "study" sounds somewhat negative? sounds like work? something difficult?
13:24 pdurbin while the word "course" refers to something they are happy and excited about, something they're getting for free in many cases :)
13:24 melodie I am not a specialist of semantics and of psychology, but I would say using a word which is commonly used in the websites dedicated to the courses would be better.
13:25 melodie it has chances to sound more attractive to people
13:25 melodie let me tell you about the recent creation of Linuxvillage
13:25 melodie with the two other persons we have discussed about the name by mail during several days :D
13:26 pdurbin I like the name linuxvillage
13:26 melodie I had a fun thought about farmville and suggested "linuxville" and we also where looking for something which could sound good as well in English as in French and we had many ideas of names, until turzin came out with linuxvillage : and we decided it was the ideal one
13:27 melodie the name is the key for a successful start.
13:30 pdurbin a good name is great but I think what's more important is to get people excited about the idea behind the name. and the idea can spread. as you have spread the idea of linuxvillage
13:30 pdurbin it sounds like you would prefer something like #onlinecourses
13:31 pdurbin but I'm not very excited about that because at the moment I'm not taking any online courses
13:32 melodie would you create a chan for yourself or for others ? :D
13:32 pdurbin heh
13:32 pdurbin well, I don't think I'm the only one doing this :)
13:32 melodie I have an idea
13:32 melodie create two chans
13:32 pdurbin to me "courses" is a bit too narrow
13:33 melodie one for you and one for others
13:33 pdurbin heh
13:33 melodie why is it narrow ?
13:33 melodie you could have : #opencourses
13:33 melodie and
13:33 melodie have #opencourses-off-topic
13:33 melodie for tchit tchat
13:36 pdurbin "courses" is too narrow for me because I'm learning a lot non-course material, such as talks from conferences such as JavaOne. if you look at "review" under you can see which talks I have listened to and what I thought about it
13:36 pdurbin these talks are not courses. they're each a single lecture
13:36 melodie ok then I have a third idea
13:36 melodie this could be #openlearning
13:37 melodie do you like it ?
13:37 pdurbin I like #openlearning better than #opencourses
13:37 melodie ok
13:38 melodie will you check if it is available ?
13:39 pdurbin meh. I still like #wonderstudy a little better :)
13:40 pdurbin melodie: whatever the name is, you want the IRC channel to be logged?
13:42 melodie yes, that can be convenient
13:42 melodie pdurbin why don't you ask their opinions to other people too ? or create the two chans ?
13:43 pdurbin well, I already dropped a link in #crimsonfu:
13:43 pdurbin maybe someone from there will join us :)
13:44 pdurbin melodie: you are welcome to invite people to join us here as well :)
13:44 melodie oh oh !
13:44 pdurbin I love a good debate :)
13:44 melodie ok
13:45 melodie I am not sure they are going to be interested but I will right on
13:45 pdurbin if we can't even get people interested in joining in a discussion over what to call our IRC channel, I'm worried we won't ever find people who want to be in the IRC channel :)
13:47 melodie done, on three chans
13:47 melodie I am not
13:47 melodie I am sure I can bring people to a chan having for name #openlearning :)
13:48 melodie I am convinced 100% !
13:48 pdurbin heh
13:49 pdurbin I just dropped a link here:
13:49 pdurbin melodie: ah, I see you dropped a link here:
13:50 pdurbin melodie: do the other 2 channels have logs? the channels where you asked?
13:50 OpTimus joined #wonderstudy
13:50 OpTimus hi all
13:51 melodie no they don't ##programation and #cyber-nux are French chans
13:51 pdurbin OpTimus: oh hi!
13:51 melodie salut OpTimus !
13:51 melodie pdurbin OpTimus is from #cyber-nux
13:51 pdurbin never heard of it but I'm sure it's awesome :)
13:51 OpTimus i'm glad to meet you pdurbin
13:51 pdurbin ditto
13:52 melodie OpTimus I try to convince pdurbin to use #openlearning as a name for a chan dedicated to learning, and he prefers #wonderstudy - this is a detail, but which name talks more to you ?
13:52 pdurbin OpTimus: if you are willing... it would be helpful if you read through the conversation so far:
13:53 OpTimus i'm already on it
13:53 pdurbin perfect
13:53 OpTimus the debate is very interesting
13:54 OpTimus left #wonderstudy
13:54 pdurbin melodie: when I said "what's not to like about #wonderstudy" it is like saying, "how is it possible that you do not like #wonderstudy?!?" :)
13:54 OpTimus joined #wonderstudy
13:55 melodie pdurbin what I think is not about what I like but about what is self explanatory and likely to attract lots of people to talk together and help each other : create a very dynamic community !
13:56 pdurbin melodie: that's the biggest thing you and I have in common I think... we both like building communities :)
13:56 melodie :D
13:59 melodie pdurbin my companion likes the name of your chan : his vote in your favor
14:00 melodie he thinks the name is very nice, and I have also explained him about understudy, he agrees it's not obvious but find the name of the chan cute
14:00 pdurbin \o/
14:00 Goodbox joined #wonderstudy
14:01 pdurbin I'm ok with cute
14:01 pdurbin I asked the people on Google+ about the name:
14:01 melodie salut Goodbox !
14:01 pdurbin Goodbox: welcome!
14:01 Goodbox Hi :) I come from #cyber-nux, just observing, o/ melodie  :)
14:01 Goodbox Thanks !
14:01 pdurbin jinx
14:02 melodie pdurbin can you explain them who you are and how you grabbed me at the #ubuntu-women chan one day to bring me to #crimsonfu ?
14:03 pdurbin melodie: better yet, they can read for themselves! :)
14:04 melodie Goodbox OpTimus pdurbin has given me information about and - and has this page:
14:04 pdurbin I was just thinking, I should explain that I curate audio content at and and
14:04 melodie and at some time I suggested to open a chan dedicated to all the courses provided on Internet, from universities and elsewhere
14:04 Goodbox Well i'm checking that
14:05 melodie pdurbin what does "curate" mean ?
14:05 melodie tu vois OpTimus des fois je demande aussi quand je ne sais pas
14:07 Goodbox melodie: there's undernet irc networke which purpose some courses in live
14:07 Goodbox Have you tried ?
14:07 melodie I don't know about it
14:07 melodie which server is that ?
14:08 Goodbox I heard about that, but i never took a visit
14:08 Goodbox
14:08 melodie Goodbox and this chan would not be about getting courses but rather helping each other and discuss about courses which already exist, such as cs50
14:08 melodie or cs164 and others
14:09 melodie these courses have mailing lists, but no live chan
14:09 OpTimus what is cs164
14:10 melodie a course at : you can check all available courses there
14:10 Goodbox is timing out
14:10 melodie is it ?
14:10 melodie
14:10 melodie this is the right url
14:11 Goodbox thank's
14:11 OpTimus i think that live courses is good for some persons who don't have time in journey or night
14:12 Goodbox Then we're talking about educatives ability and accesseibility for everyone ?
14:12 OpTimus yes
14:13 OpTimus but it still rest a serious problem in many countries undevelopped
14:14 pdurbin I need to take my daughter to ballet soon. people shouldn't feel required to announce when they are going to be away from keyboard though :) ... I will catch up later by reading the IRC log
14:16 Goodbox Good afternoon :)
14:17 OpTimus Good afternoon
14:17 OpTimus and have fun with fun with your daughter
14:18 melodie ok pdurbin see you soon and have a nice time
14:18 melodie OpTimus journay is voyage, you may have meant "day" ?
14:19 slystone joined #wonderstudy
14:19 slystone yop
14:19 melodie salut slystone !
14:19 slystone Chalut melodie :)
14:20 slystone Je viens de rentrer en Normandie, et je rentre demain à Paname. :)
14:20 melodie eh les gars on peut parler en français maintenant ! (ou pas ? 0_0 : le chan est loggué)
14:20 slystone Je récupère bientôt mon temps et la fibre ! \o/
14:20 OpTimus okay
14:20 slystone melodie: whatever works!
14:20 slystone o/ OpTimus
14:21 slystone Prime?
14:21 melodie slystone tu peux rattraper la discussion de ici en lisant cette page:
14:21 OpTimus en chair et en binaire
14:21 melodie je dois y aller aussi
14:21 melodie à bientôt
14:21 OpTimus melodie, je vois que le lien sur le cs5O est tres interessant
14:21 melodie OpTimus j'ai commencé, et aussi modifié l'application cs50
14:22 melodie je te montre vite fait ce que je propose:
14:22 melodie
14:22 melodie j'ai fait deux versions modifiées et mises en ligne, en fr et en en mais je préfèrerais pouvoir installer leurs applications d'apprentissage sur une ubuntu mini openbox et en faire une iso...
14:23 melodie leur application est une machine virtuelle pouvant aller sous vmware ou virtualbox au choix, donc ça marche sur toutes plateformes, sauf que dans ma machine ça laguait grave alors j'ai ajouté zram avec une install spéciale
14:23 OpTimus ha je vois
14:23 slystone melodie: ok merci
14:24 OpTimus c'est vraiment cool
14:24 melodie plaisir ! c'est un super cours !
14:24 OpTimus je vais bien m'occuper
14:24 OpTimus en fait je voudrais te demander
14:24 melodie quoi ?
14:24 OpTimus selon le tuto de coyotus
14:25 OpTimus ou il fallait installer MingW
14:25 Goodbox hi slystone :)
14:25 OpTimus je sais pas trop comment lancer cette appli une fois que je l'ai installlé
14:25 melodie no idea
14:25 melodie what is MingW anyhow ?
14:26 Goodbox Mingw is an gnu layer implemetation of gcc for window
14:26 OpTimus but i don't what really he can do
14:26 melodie OpTimus wouldn't asking at #cyber-nux more relevant ?
14:27 melodie
14:27 melodie "MinGW provides a complete Open Source programming tool set which is suitable for the development of native MS-Windows applications, and which do not depend on any 3rd-party C-Runtime DLLs. ... "
14:27 melodie and voila!
14:27 melodie ;D
14:28 pdurbin oh good. English again :)
14:28 Goodbox OpTimus: mingw can be a part of a M$ survival kit :p
14:30 slystone yop Goodbox
14:30 slystone Goodbox: est-ce que t'habites Paname par hasard ?
14:30 OpTimus je vois
14:31 Goodbox slystone: nan, alsace :p
14:31 slystone Goodbox: ok tant pis.
14:32 Goodbox slystone: :/
14:32 Goodbox j'aurais pu t'aider pour quelque chose ?
14:32 melodie pdurbin if you take a beginner course to learn French we can help you !
14:32 Goodbox Sachez que ma porte est grande ouverte aux utilisateurs de LL :)
14:32 slystone Goodbox: on cherche des modems 56k afin de les envoyer en Syrie, et d'aider les habitants à rester connectés au monde.
14:33 Goodbox slystone: Oh, ça c'est une belle mission !
14:33 slystone Goodbox: yep ! C'est jujusete qui m'a demandé en fait. Elle en a besoin pour demain soir ou lundi midi, je ne sais plus.
14:34 Goodbox D'acc, je vais voir, j'ai un vieux modem 8noeuds, je crois qu'il ne fonctionne plus, sinon j'ai des modems adsl de 2004/5
14:34 Goodbox si ça peut servir
14:35 slystone Goodbox: hum, si ça marche pour le 56k, c'est tout bon. Demande à jujusete. Tu ne vas pas pouvoir les envoyer sur Paname à temps je pense.
14:36 Goodbox yep :/
14:37 Goodbox Je pense qu'il à également prévu une infrastructure pour leur faire parvenir un internet potable ? proxy et tunnel ?
14:42 pdurbin melodie: well, we should decide early if this channel will be English-preferred (which I would like) or not
14:43 OpTimus des modems de 56k?
14:43 OpTimus il y'a des clé internet 3g qui font le travail 2 fois plus
14:44 OpTimus et puis cela aide a rester toujours ouvert meme quand on est dans un bunker :)
14:44 pdurbin melodie: because honestly this channel quickly becomes uninteresting to me if I can't understand what is being said because I can't read the language :(
14:44 Goodbox OpTimus: je sais pas si il y a la 3G là bas OpTimus x)
14:45 pdurbin I'm not trying to be rude... I'm trying to be honest :)
14:45 Goodbox pdurbin: Sure, this is an english chan
14:47 Goodbox pdurbin: sorry, slystone was talking to me about sending 56k modems in Syria, to keep humans connecteds
14:48 Goodbox It would be wonderful, as you said slystone , if jujesete win his post of modems
14:48 slystone pdurbin: sorry for that, I'll try to speak English.
14:49 slystone pdurbin: once I asked melodie if it would not be better if there were two chanels, one in English and one in French.
14:49 slystone She told me it worked, and that it was no problem. So I thought we could use both languages.
14:49 slystone No offence taken. ;)
14:50 slystone And sometimes I'm just too lazy to type in English, even if I'm fully bilingual.
14:50 Goodbox slystone: Haha, you "tryed" :p, that's my case ! not your !
14:50 Darkos80 joined #wonderstudy
14:51 slystone Goodbox: gnagnagna :p
14:51 Goodbox Hi Darkos80
14:51 slystone o/ Darkos80
14:51 melodie pdurbin I wanted to provide fast information to OpTimus about the courses because he told me his is not fluent enough in English, so I told him and Goodbox about the cs50 especially and about the work I have done on the appliance when I started
14:51 melodie nothing more
14:52 slystone pdurbin: also, I think that a bilingual chan is interesting (what is #linuxvillage) because we can both learn from each other.
14:52 melodie hi Darkos80 !
14:53 melodie slystone pdurbin does not talk french at all, and here will be an international channel so we'd better talk English here in fact
14:53 slystone But I'll obide to whatever rule is set for this chan of course. :)
14:53 slystone melodie: roger! I'll type in English then.
14:53 melodie pdurbin sorry I gave the bad example. My fault!
14:53 pdurbin thank you very much :)
14:53 slystone ^^
14:54 pdurbin we should try to use plain English though, so non-native speakers can better understand
14:55 slystone pdurbin: haha, that will be tricky!
14:55 Goodbox I purpose we ask in french specific terms if we don't know, i'm sure melodie and slystone will return the answer with pleasure !
14:57 slystone Goodbox: well, you can count on me. ;) I don't have always the answer (especially for technical terms), but I studied English literature and civilizatons at University, so I should be able to help. :)
14:58 Goodbox Nice, it will permit to improve my expression ! :)
14:58 slystone :)
14:58 slystone Goodbox: you know ##English I suppose?
14:59 Goodbox Oh no, I missed this chan
15:02 pdurbin melodie: when I said I like to curate audio content I mean that I listen to a lot of audio content and try to link the the best stuff, the stuff I think people will like
15:02 pdurbin people are encouraged to drop links to interesting audio content in here :)
15:03 pdurbin video content too. recently I figured out how to quickly convert mp4 to mp3 (or ogg) on my server and add the audio to a podcast feed to get it onto my phone to listen to
15:04 pdurbin conversion is just `ffmpeg -i video.mp4 audio.mp3` ... then I run the script from to make it into a feed
15:05 Goodbox Distributing content in free formats is a great thing
15:10 pdurbin Goodbox: yes. have you seen #oggcastplanet on freenode or ?  I saw the channel at
15:12 pdurbin oh, you can see what I mean in the "feeds" folder at but I'm not sure how stable that URL will be. it might go away. I'll probably find a more permanent home for this idea in the future
15:14 Goodbox okay, the rss feed is working fine !
15:16 pdurbin cool. mostly I use that rss feed in BeyondPod on my android phone
15:16 pdurbin but it should work on any podcatcher. I would hope
15:17 Goodbox It seems be good for all rss reader
15:17 pdurbin I find that in many cases I don't need to watch a video lecture. it's enough to listen to the audio, which I can do while I'm washing dishes, folding laundry, etc.
15:18 znk_ joined #wonderstudy
15:24 Goodbox_ joined #wonderstudy
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17:19 philbot joined #wonderstudy
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17:38 Goodbox joined #wonderstudy
17:48 pdurbin znk: welcome!
18:22 philbot joined #wonderstudy
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18:23 pdurbin slystone: my logging bot (philbot) disconnected for a while so the last few lines didn't get logged :(
18:23 pdurbin you were talking about Shaarli
18:24 pdurbin "Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone you can install on your own website" --
18:25 pdurbin and I was saying it reminds me a bit of which is "inspired by "
18:25 pdurbin and how I started #sourcefu ... which is a place to talk about programming
18:26 slystone Well, I was saying that the presentation is pretty… short.
18:27 pdurbin slystone: for devlog? yeah
18:28 pdurbin I like it when people try out new ideas though, when they experiment
18:28 pdurbin #wonderstudy is only a few hours old... just an experiment for now :)
18:29 pdurbin but who knows, if we like the name (still up for debate) we can register a domain and set up a website
18:29 slystone Me too. I just expect a few details when someone is presenting a project, especially since there are so many possibilities.
18:29 melodie joined #wonderstudy
18:30 pdurbin yeah
18:30 pdurbin melodie: you're back! maybe because you saw me update this: Learning new things online with universities -,298.0.html ;)
18:30 pdurbin I couldn't resist linking to the first day of #wonderstudy logs :)
18:31 slystone melodie: you never stay connected on IRC? You should use a bouncer or your server.
18:31 pdurbin I was just saying the name is still up for debate :)
18:49 melodie joined #wonderstudy
19:01 Goodbox Personally i'm just running irssi inside a screen session, that's fine :D
19:01 melodie ok
19:02 melodie welcome back to all !
19:02 Goodbox Re melodie !
19:02 melodie he Goodbox
19:02 Goodbox I dunno how we say the french "Re"
19:02 Goodbox x)
19:03 TechDesk joined #wonderstudy
19:04 Goodbox Hi TechDesk !
19:04 TechDesk lut
19:04 melodie hello TechDesk welcome here !
19:14 pdurbin TechDesk: welcome!
19:14 pdurbin Goodbox: me too but weechat instead of irssi
19:15 Goodbox :3
19:17 Goodbox There is often splits on freenode these lasts hours
19:17 Goodbox unusual
19:20 pdurbin quite unusual
19:21 pdurbin I think that's why my logging bot (philbot) dropped out earlier. usually it reconnects automatically though
19:23 pdurbin melodie: are you tired of debating the name? ;)
19:27 pdurbin does anyone like a name other than "wonderstudy" better?
19:28 Goodbox I find this name is well appropriated :)
19:28 pdurbin appropriated? you think the name is ok?
19:29 Goodbox Owh yes, appropriate
19:30 Goodbox Damn it I learned english at school...
19:30 pdurbin I only speak one language :(
19:30 pdurbin well, a little bit of Spanish
19:31 pdurbin and my three year old is teaching me some Chinese
19:31 melodie pdurbin what would you wish ? Do you wish more ideas for names or do you stick to this idea fermly as a mold on it's rock ? :)
19:31 pdurbin dà for "big"
19:31 Goodbox Speaking one lanugage seems good enough ! :)
19:32 pdurbin heh
19:32 pdurbin wonderstudy is only a few hours old but already it is moldy ;)
19:33 Goodbox did you find it moldy :o
19:33 pdurbin melodie: I don't know what I wish for. I'm ok with changing the name if someone can think of a fun and awesome name
19:33 Goodbox Maybe interpretation of this name differs by native languages of people reading it
19:34 Goodbox Generally for french people, english consonance sound pretty well
19:34 TechDesk y'est-ce
19:34 pdurbin "I think the problem that you're running into is "native English speakers will consider the name catchy and clever" vs "non-native English speakers (or even differently-educated English speakers) won't know what you're talking about."  Clever+ unambiguous are hard streams to cross." -- Amy Rich at
19:35 melodie Goodbox
19:35 melodie Goodbox <pdurbin> wonderstudy is a play on words, it sounds like understudy
19:35 melodie <pdurbin> an understudy is an actor or actress who learns all the lines for a part and is ready to perform if someone gets sick and can not perform
19:35 pdurbin I'm actually pretty happy Amy thinks it's clever :)
19:35 pdurbin catchy even!
19:36 melodie pdurbin all seem to like the name for now so let's just grab lots of people who want to help each other for studies and throw them here ? ;-)
19:36 Goodbox Yes, i'm agree
19:37 pdurbin ok!
19:37 pdurbin should we have a website?
19:37 TechDesk y'est-ce aïe âme à grès
19:37 Goodbox It might be intersting for presenting ideas and contents
19:37 melodie pdurbin no, what for ?
19:38 melodie Goodbox the websites are already out there... pdurbin edx and so on ?
19:38 pdurbin well, we can wait
19:38 melodie unless you want a page to gather them all ?
19:38 melodie such as:
19:38 pdurbin I think we might want one eventually. let's think about it
19:38 melodie ? :D
19:39 pdurbin no no, we can buy a domain
19:39 melodie yes, that does not cost much
19:39 melodie about 6 euros TVA included here
19:39 pdurbin and we can host it for free on GitHub Pages:
19:39 pdurbin melodie: do you want to buy it? :)
19:40 melodie no I don't
19:40 pdurbin ok, no worries :)
19:44 melodie in fact I'd like to sell stuff, not buy :D
19:54 pdurbin ok, we have a website now:
19:55 pdurbin the source of it is here:
19:55 pdurbin pull requests welcome :)
19:56 pdurbin melodie: I made you an owner:
19:56 melodie why ?
19:57 pdurbin in case I get hit by a bus
19:57 melodie :o
19:57 melodie don't, you have children and they need you
19:57 pdurbin it could happen. crazy drivers in Boston. and I bike a lot
19:59 pdurbin I'll be careful. but I *did* get hit hard enough a few months ago (while I was stopped at a red light!) that my back wheel was bent and need to be replaced:
19:59 slystone pdurbin: it's a good thing your three year old is learning Chinese. If you learn a foreign language before the age of seven, it's better.
20:00 pdurbin slystone: yes. and my six year old is learning Spanish in school. it's great
20:00 slystone :)
20:00 melodie oh, that's bad!
20:00 pdurbin my three year old is really into Chinese. it's so cute :)
20:00 melodie terrible drivers
20:01 melodie the schools are pretty good at your place. is that public schools or private ?
20:01 slystone pdurbin | it could happen. crazy drivers in Boston. and I bike a lot ← tell me about it. :( Same in Paris. I ended up on a car hood a month ago.
20:01 pdurbin slystone: !
20:01 slystone (while rollerblading)
20:02 pdurbin melodie: public schools. they're very good
20:02 melodie how lucky !
20:02 pdurbin well, we picked a town with good schools :)
20:02 melodie slystone we would like to have such good schools for the kids in France, wouldn't we ?
20:03 slystone pdurbin: awwwwwwwww! I'm a little jealous. And indeed, it must be pretty sweet to see your kid learning Chinese. ^^
20:03 melodie pdurbin oh, I see. Anyhow I think we don't find this in France in public schools
20:03 pdurbin slystone: I need to get a video of her singing the Chinese color song
20:03 slystone melodie: well yes! But right now, there is no plan to begin teaching a foreign language in pre-school.
20:04 melodie pdurbin when you get it I'll be interested too
20:04 slystone (which is very unfortunate)
20:04 melodie slystone in France there are too many hours of class and not enough for life
20:05 melodie pdurbin my son was in 10th grade last year (we say 6th in France) and the number of hours per week was around 40/41
20:05 melodie it does not end there, there are still some homework after. :s
20:06 Goodbox For my part, I leave school when I was 17 years old, there was no way to work and demotivated teachers...
20:06 slystone ← I've applied to work here. They asked me for a second letter, wait and see…
20:07 pdurbin slystone: nice
20:07 melodie slystone good!
20:08 slystone melodie: I don't know if there are too many hours. The main problem to me is after elementary school. You have a same school for everybody, which is insane, because some want to drop school simply, some are very advanced and are bored to death, and some already know what they want to achieved, and are frustrated.
20:08 melodie slystone I have met a girl in a US school where I have been during one year. She used to speak fluently 4 languages as she had been living since she was born in contact with people of the 4 different languages
20:09 slystone melodie: yep, it makes it so easy.
20:09 melodie she could speak either or and think in each of them currently
20:10 slystone At an English conversation table I had organized, I met someone who can speak ten languages. He was lucky enough to have a mother from Poland (who spoke Yiddish, German, and Polish), and to have a father from Portugal (who spoke Spanish too), and who had met in France.
20:10 slystone Lucky bastard!
20:11 Topic for #wonderstudy is now from wonder to study: | logs at
20:14 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
20:14 NoNa ah coucou
20:14 pdurbin NoNa: welcome!
20:14 melodie hello NoNa !
20:14 NoNa huhu merci :)
20:14 melodie I forgot to tell you we must all talk in English here because it's international
20:14 pdurbin thank goodness :)
20:14 melodie and the main owner of the chan does not speak French either ^^
20:14 Goodbox hi NoNa :)
20:14 NoNa hi Goodbox
20:15 * NoNa speak english very bad
20:16 melodie NoNa you may learn by practice, and this will also be very good for your computing studies
20:16 melodie did you know pdurbin is a famous coder ?
20:17 NoNa no I did'nt know
20:17 NoNa don(t
20:17 NoNa don't
20:17 NoNa arf
20:17 slystone o/ NoNa
20:18 NoNa o/ slystone
20:18 slystone :)
20:18 pdurbin ha!
20:18 NoNa I go to work my english here
20:18 pdurbin I'm a hack
20:19 melodie NoNa this is what pdurbin does:
20:19 pdurbin I do think I'm getting better... practice, practice :)
20:19 melodie pdurbin NoNa is a student in computer sciences in Toulouse, the pink city
20:20 pdurbin NoNa: which languages have you studied so far?
20:21 NoNa well, I do c++, javascript, sql, and html css
20:21 pdurbin ah. very nice!
20:22 slystone melodie: you should explain the meaning of “ the Pink City ”. :p
20:22 pdurbin NoNa: you can improve out website: ... it's quite simple... it could be much better :)
20:22 pdurbin our*
20:22 slystone pdurbin: do you know MySecureShell?
20:23 pdurbin slystone: no...
20:23 slystone ok, nevermind!
20:24 pdurbin my kids would love a pink city. they're so girly
20:25 slystone pdurbin:
20:25 pdurbin look what they did to my chair: !
20:26 pdurbin slystone: pretty!
20:27 slystone pdurbin: kr kr kr! I bet you're so happy to seat in this chair! ^^
20:27 pdurbin grrr! ;)
20:27 Goodbox they are cutes!
20:27 slystone ^^
20:27 slystone Goodbox: yes they are!
20:27 Goodbox (cutes take a "s")
20:27 Goodbox ?
20:27 slystone Goodbox: no! :p
20:27 Goodbox rho :/
20:28 slystone :)
20:28 pdurbin they are cute
20:28 pdurbin they are cuties :)
20:31 pdurbin so at I'll probably make a list of free courses I've listened to. and some I want to listen to some day. and some podcasts I listen to that might be of interest
20:33 pdurbin maybe we should have "member" pages. so I can put all that stuff under a page called "pdurbin"
20:34 pdurbin or we could have a common page for computer science. and a page for biology. or whatever
20:36 NoNa sorry I've childrens pdurbin and they are so agitated
20:37 NoNa and I 'm not here always
20:38 pdurbin NoNa: believe me. I understand agitated children :) ... and I often step away from the keyboard for a long time. which is probably healthy :)
20:38 Goodbox Anyone know a little open-source raytracer ?
20:38 NoNa allright
20:39 pdurbin Goodbox: via
20:40 Goodbox I'm doing performances tests between glibc and musl static binaries, I guess raytracer might suit
20:40 pdurbin POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer -
20:41 Goodbox thank's pdurbin , I tought pov-ray, but he's coded in c++ :/ I missed to precice a C x)
20:42 Goodbox however I can tune the musl-gcc wrapper to statically build povray anyway
20:45 pdurbin musl-gcc?
20:46 Goodbox this is a wrapper calling the musl standard C library instead of glibc
20:48 Goodbox I found this little obfuscated raytracer winner of ioccc, however, it doesn't use math.h :/
20:48 Goodbox Argggh I hate obfuscated code
20:51 * pdurbin looks at
21:17 slystone 'night! (I'm beat)
21:18 NoNa good night
21:19 Goodbox gn slystone :)
21:20 NoNa me too
21:25 slystone thanx :) (afk)
21:41 TechDesk joined #wonderstudy
22:14 melodie joined #wonderstudy
22:14 melodie hello again
22:24 pdurbin melodie: hi!
22:24 pdurbin I just updated with some actual content
22:24 pdurbin some recommendations, etc.
22:25 melodie hi !
22:25 melodie oh did you ?
22:26 pdurbin what do you think?
22:27 melodie pdurbin more here if you want to visit them and select a few more ?
22:27 melodie unless you want to link directly to that page ?
22:27 melodie I think you have been working a lot
22:27 melodie very nice!
22:30 pdurbin melodie: hmm, long page. maybe you mean these:
22:31 melodie among else, yes. From this page I jumped on that one:
22:31 melodie which is at the end of this part:
22:32 melodie so if you restrict just to the "See_also" it might be short
22:32 melodie perhaps visiting them little by little and adding them to the page you wrote would be an idea
22:45 melodie pdurbin I notice this part in your page:
22:45 melodie "The easiest way to join the conversation is via but desktop IRC clients include irssi, weechat, Pidgin, or Adium "
22:46 melodie you don't mention xchat, and if you do you could also add a few forks from xchat which I can point to
22:46 melodie such as hexchat:
22:46 melodie 5 community/hexchat 2.9.5-4
22:46 melodie A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client
22:46 melodie which is free open source, available as well for linux as for windows
22:47 pdurbin melodie: because you are owner of the wonderstudy github organization you should be able to click Edit at and edit the page right from your browser. can you please give this a try?
22:48 pdurbin (no pull request necessary)
22:48 melodie I will but not tonight
22:48 melodie I am starting to be sleepy and I just uploaded two images which I am staring at for the time being
22:48 melodie I have to post about them
22:53 pdurbin ok. no hurry
22:53 melodie pdurbin I would not want to put risk in the edit move. :)
22:54 pdurbin melodie: you could start by adding one word :)
22:54 melodie no I won't
22:55 melodie I will do that when mind fresh and some quiet around. :)
22:55 melodie I will check the log of now from here and add a few things
22:55 melodie accordingly
22:56 melodie just incase I don't remember exactly what I wanted to add, of course
23:34 melodie pdurbin ?
23:35 melodie I am talking about #wonderstudy at #linuxchix on
23:36 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
23:36 pdurbin ok
23:37 melodie hi soulshake
23:38 soulshake o/
23:42 melodie pdurbin is gone :(
23:42 melodie but the chan is still logged so
23:42 melodie <aj> melodie: your links remind me of another neat site:
23:43 melodie now it will be kept aside
23:50 pdurbin joined #wonderstudy

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