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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2014-05-18 - from wonder to study

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10:10 john3213 joined #wonderstudy
10:15 john3213 left #wonderstudy
13:08 pydsigner joined #wonderstudy
15:00 melodie joined #wonderstudy
15:08 pdurbin melodie: hello!
15:10 melodie hi pdurbin !
15:10 melodie I am about to try to install openerp 7.0 on Ubuntu Precise
15:11 pdurbin melodie: I'm thinking about leaving this channel and taking philbot (the bot that logs this channel) with me
15:11 melodie and Odoo just came out, as the officiel OpenErp replacement. :>
15:11 melodie what's the point?
15:11 pdurbin the point?
15:11 melodie is it a problem for you to administrate here?
15:11 pdurbin why would I leave? Is that what you mean?
15:11 melodie yes sir! :)
15:12 melodie nothing ever happens here: is that why?
15:12 pdurbin this channel is almost inactive
15:12 pdurbin yes, exactly
15:12 melodie would you rather tell the people to go to #freeclass ? and just deactivate here?
15:12 pdurbin it's spring. I'm doing some spring cleaning :)
15:12 melodie I meant #free-class
15:13 pdurbin I'm fine with changing the /topic to recommend #free-class
15:13 melodie ok, fair enough : let's ask all people here to join #free-class and we can remove this one?
15:13 melodie yes, please go ahead
15:13 pdurbin we could also recommend #free-class at and in the header/footer of
15:14 melodie sure, I am ok with that
15:14 pdurbin great. thanks
15:15 melodie no problem :)
15:15 pdurbin bike parade with the kids today but I'll probably do all this within a week or so
15:15 melodie just let me know when it is ready for the big change, so I don't stick here for no reason either, anymore
15:16 pdurbin heh
15:17 pdurbin melodie: you'll know when I've change the /topic
15:17 melodie ok, thanks
15:17 melodie what about the welcome message too? (entrymsg) ?
15:18 pdurbin I don't think we ever set that up
15:18 pdurbin or at least I didn't. I don't know how
15:21 melodie pdurbin it was " /ChanServ SET entrymsg #wonderstudy pdurbin is about to change things here, stay tuned "
15:21 melodie pdurbin I had to try different ways before finding the right order in words, and that's it
15:22 melodie is that ok for you?
15:22 pdurbin melodie: can you just remove the entrymsg instead?
15:23 melodie done
15:23 melodie I did the same with no message at all
15:25 pdurbin perfect. thanks
15:34 melodie no problem :)
17:28 * pydsigner watches the chandeath
19:05 pdurbin lol
19:06 pdurbin so sad, I know. It was a good experiment

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