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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-11-15 - from wonder to study

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00:01 pdurbin melodie: I made an interesting discovery the other day... on topic for this channel
00:26 melodie hi pdurbin
00:26 melodie what is it?
00:28 pdurbin melodie: Online Education: IRC channels -
00:28 pdurbin "This site is managed by channel operators of #free-class ("
00:29 pdurbin
00:29 pdurbin
00:30 melodie add the link to the above topic?
00:31 melodie pdurbin cs50 is not in the list yet
00:34 pdurbin adding a link to the topic would be a good start
00:34 pdurbin but I wonder... should we all simply join #free-class?
00:35 pdurbin and if we like #free-class... should we consider shutting down #wonderstudy?
00:38 melodie what does #free-class look like? And if you shut #wonderstudy what will you do with the wonderstudy github page?
00:39 melodie pdurbin in the coming days, would you ask the question to the other member of the present channel?
00:41 pdurbin melodie: like this channel, #free-class seems to be pretty quiet
00:41 melodie yes
00:41 pdurbin martinux_qc sebbu ubitux lupo49_ realz: what do you think of all this?
00:42 realz lol high
00:42 pdurbin melodie: I think is a good resource, but we could probably copy the content somewhere else
00:43 pdurbin realz: lol? :)
00:43 realz er
00:43 realz sorry, I often mispell things phonetically
00:43 realz hi :D
00:44 realz pdurbin: I have a rather large list of cs-related channels on freenode
00:44 realz if you interested
00:44 realz it had #free-class on it
00:44 pdurbin realz: yeah, so do I:
00:45 realz mmm cool I'll take those
00:45 pdurbin heh
01:15 pdurbin anyway, I think everyone here should consider joining #free-class to see if they like it
01:20 melodie pdurbin or we could switch wonderstudy to a "all languages chan" ?
01:20 melodie ^^
01:21 pdurbin but I only speak American ;)
01:21 pdurbin and Spanglish, I guess :)
01:23 melodie I don't speak code, but I still read some to try to understand what it says, and I even succeed doing so now sometimes
01:23 melodie :p
01:24 pdurbin I did ok the other week in #linuxvillage with my terrible Spanish (I think)
01:24 pdurbin :)
01:25 melodie nice, was there a spanish person there?
01:25 melodie I don't read the logs everyday...
01:32 pdurbin melodie:
01:36 melodie ok, seen thanks
01:38 pdurbin melodie: no one is talking to us in #free-class:
01:51 pdurbin our IRC logs are better ;)
01:53 melodie pdurbin they don't talk at all you mean
01:55 pdurbin oh! I have something to talk about. one sec
01:55 pdurbin "What's the word for homeschooling when it's for higher education?" --
01:56 pdurbin I thought this was an interesting answer:
02:21 melodie thanks
02:21 melodie it's supra late now, so heading to bed
06:20 ubitux mmh? what's the question?
06:20 ubitux i forgot i had that channel opened actually
11:06 pdurbin ubitux: what do you think of #free-class?
11:06 ubitux i don't care sorry :p
11:06 pdurbin :)
11:54 sebbu joined #wonderstudy
11:55 sebbu joined #wonderstudy
17:31 melodie joined #wonderstudy
20:00 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
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