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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-11-03 - from wonder to study

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20:28 pdurbin melodie: this channel has been a little... quiet
20:50 melodie yes pdurbin
20:50 melodie this is right
20:51 pdurbin melodie: where did we go wrong?
21:01 melodie pdurbin we have not communicated with the different places where we pointed to on the github page.
21:03 melodie if you send a mail to the persons to be contacted they might point to it and offer the people to meet here in order for them to help each other (but they might not want to do so if they think they could be misguided, unless maybe if they consider the logs to be something they can rely on)
21:03 pdurbin melodie: hmm. so we need to promote this project/channel more? more outreach? more advertising/marketing?
21:03 melodie yes of course
21:04 melodie no need to do it very fast or the very hard way, but now could be the right time
21:04 melodie after all courses have already started
21:04 pdurbin melodie: I thought you were going to suggest a name change :)
21:05 melodie if you do take care of that, having some sort of blueprint with notes about who will have been contacted and who would still to be contacted, to keep a thread about it would be good
21:05 melodie no why change a name which has been approved by a majority?
21:06 pdurbin ok ok :)
21:06 melodie I suggest you write to the people who are in charge and start a thread on linuxvillage forum to keep track of the persons contacted
21:06 pdurbin who me? :)
21:07 melodie while keeping a track on the forum it is also an indirect advert because the google bot and other bots often come to get interesting readings
21:07 melodie yes, you. :)
21:07 pdurbin I'm not very motivated to
21:07 melodie you could simply point to the thread already started on the forum to present the wonderstudy project
21:08 melodie just think about it.
21:08 melodie I can't do it, because I have too much in front of me
21:08 pdurbin me too
21:08 melodie you should think of a way to do it efficiently, this is your specialty to use some kinds of meta systems and very fast means of communication

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