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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-07-17 - from wonder to study

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21:13 melodie hi
21:13 melodie !
21:16 pdurbin hi
21:18 martinux_qc joined #wonderstudy
21:39 melodie hello pdurbin !
21:39 melodie what's new?
21:40 pdurbin melodie: I gave a talk about today
21:40 pdurbin and now I'm chatting a bit at
21:41 melodie great!
21:41 melodie a sword is a long metallic tool which can slice people in two pieces. :p
21:41 pdurbin :)
21:42 * melodie in kidding mood
21:45 pdurbin melodie: you can see if this makes any sense to you: [sword-app-tech] POST atom entry, then PUT media resource - :)
21:46 melodie pdurbin not sure I'm in the right stage of mind for it right now, but I can try to look at it
21:47 pdurbin melodie: if you want
21:47 melodie I just asked slystone if he could join, because I don't feel good enough in English for this
21:48 melodie pdurbin anyhow my deep thought!
21:48 melodie pdurbin anyhow my deep thought:
21:49 pdurbin :)
21:49 melodie Any text on the web should start with a brief summary containing in few words the whole content of what will follow
21:49 pdurbin melodie: if you realy want to talk about SWORD and DVN it's on topic for :)
21:49 melodie then the reader can choose to read the rest, or have enough with the summary
21:50 melodie I don't, honestly, I would just like to please you if I can, but I am unsure I can
21:50 melodie pdurbin would you like to have a wordpress blog ? :D
21:51 melodie this is a great tool to spread info around in all social tools directions!
21:51 pdurbin melodie: someone would need to patch it against security vulnerabilities for me ;)
21:51 slystone joined #wonderstudy
21:52 pdurbin slystone: welcome!
21:52 melodie hello slystone !
21:52 melodie pdurbin could you point to the log at the start of the discussion for slystone to catch up please?
21:52 melodie pdurbin I vote for security patches!
21:53 slystone Hi pdurbin :)
21:53 pdurbin melodie: see the /topic or click
21:54 melodie <pdurbin> melodie: someone would need to patch it against security vulnerabilities for me ;) // what, wordpress ?
21:54 slystone cheers!
21:54 melodie :p
21:55 melodie slystone
21:55 melodie so you can catch up
21:55 melodie nice if you can do better than I on this one, I'm dead sleeping
21:56 melodie I went to be almost early in the morning and had to get up just a few hours later for a guy was mawning the lawn! >:||
21:56 melodie not far from my window, of course!
21:56 pdurbin melodie: mowing the lawn while yawning? ;)
21:57 melodie I went to be/ to bed
21:57 melodie I don't mow lawns
21:57 melodie I love nature for what it is then I don't use fossile energy for that
21:58 melodie a neighbour had rent the services of someone to do it for him
21:58 slystone pdurbin: Well, I've had a look at it. From what I understand it makes sense… but I don't have the knowledge to make any sort of recommandation.
21:59 slystone melodie: I completely agree for the mowing thing.
21:59 melodie oh thanks!
21:59 pdurbin slystone: you looked at the SWORD thing? thanks!
22:00 slystone If I have a garden later, if there is any mowing to be done, it will be by an animal, or a hand tool.
22:00 slystone pdurbin: but like I said, I don't know the project nor the technology, just a lil bit of curl. :3
22:00 melodie pdurbin I invited slystone to ask help from him to try to give you some interesting feedback, for my brain right now looks just like melocotton
22:01 melodie for what I can remember that would be a smooth, soft, very tender fruit?
22:01 melodie slystone there are some very good hand tools some need a flat soil, others don'
22:01 melodie don't
22:02 pdurbin melodie: a peach, looks like
22:02 melodie ok!
22:03 pdurbin slystone: +1 for knowing curl :)
22:03 melodie have to go, good evening and night!
22:06 slystone pdurbin: what would you say is the main advantage of curl?
22:07 slystone I use mostly rsync (well, all the time).
22:15 pdurbin slystone: oh. um. they are different tools
22:15 pdurbin curl is for pretending you're a web browser, kinda :)
22:16 pdurbin rsync is a fancier scp :)
22:24 slystone OK :)
22:31 pdurbin :)
22:35 slystone I should have a look at it, but I'm translating a speech by Eben Moglen. ^^
22:36 slystone Eben Moglen ♥
22:39 pdurbin slystone: they mentioned him at but it was clear they didn't know who he is
22:43 slystone XD
22:44 slystone
22:44 slystone (apologies to journalists ^^')
22:46 pdurbin heh
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