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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-07-15 - from wonder to study

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09:12 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
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22:00 melodie hi NoNa hi pydsigner !
22:01 NoNa hi melodie !
22:01 melodie what's up?
22:01 NoNa your holidays were good ?
22:01 NoNa lol
22:01 NoNa quel anglais !
22:04 pydsigner Hello melodie
22:10 melodie what do you do pydsigner
22:10 melodie ?
22:11 pydsigner I am a programmer.
22:11 melodie NoNa the week at the seaside has been really noisy! but my kid had a lot of fun!
22:11 melodie pydsigner what kind of programming?
22:11 NoNa is good ;)
22:11 melodie what languages do you use?
22:11 melodie NoNa thanks!
22:12 pydsigner melodie: Backend programming in Python and frontend programming in HTML+CSS
22:12 pydsigner Also I do some random game/bot/whatever programming.
22:12 melodie pydsigner so web creation?
22:12 NoNa ;)
22:12 melodie pydsigner what do you plan to learn next?
22:12 pydsigner melodie: Yeah, but I'm getting more into backends
22:12 pydsigner Moai+Lua for a game project
22:13 melodie I have no idea what Moai looks like, first time I hear about it
22:14 pdurbin whoa. this channel woke up
22:14 pydsigner Hehe yep
22:16 pdurbin melodie: me neither. here you go:
22:16 melodie hi pdurbin !
22:16 pdurbin melodie: hi :)
22:17 pdurbin pydsigner: any open source development?
22:17 melodie "mobile games on iOS and Android smartphones." / wo!
22:17 melodie that's for people with tiny eyes!!!
22:18 melodie not me XD
22:18 pydsigner pdurbin: Yeah, I've done quite a bit actually.
22:18 melodie ok, good evening and night ladies and gentlemen!
22:20 pdurbin pydsigner: maybe I'll just follow in case that's you
22:20 pydsigner That is
22:22 pdurbin very good
22:22 pydsigner My biggest project was Celestron, a top-down shooter that I put up on Sourceforge.
22:24 pdurbin ah, sourceforge. I just uploaded our installers to
22:24 pdurbin but I'm curious about this new thing:
22:25 * pdurbin looks at
22:25 pydsigner It's a big download, be warned
22:25 pdurbin looks nice
22:26 pydsigner Thank you
23:13 pydsigner joined #wonderstudy

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