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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-06-19 - from wonder to study

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18:31 melodie ubitux, I think you are the one who had advised me some good brand of keyboard a few years ago: Logitech UltraX Media Keyboard, does that ring a bell?
18:31 ubitux haha
18:32 ubitux you shouldn't trust me on that kind of things
18:32 ubitux but yeah i had that keyboard, because i wanted a flat one, and it was something i wanted and liked at that time
18:32 ubitux i'm using a random generic one nowadays
18:32 ubitux 'cause i really don't give a shit anymore :p
18:33 ubitux melodie: why?
18:34 melodie because I bought two, and unfortunately spoiled one which can't be used anymore, and I love this keyboard.
18:34 melodie can't find an equivalent now :)
18:35 melodie I thought you might know of something as at least as good as this one
18:35 ubitux i buy a keyboard every 4-5 years
18:35 melodie the second one belongs to my boy-friend, and I should find something else for a replacement
18:35 ubitux the cheaper one
18:35 ubitux and it's good enough
18:36 melodie perhaps I should not trust you but I have and I really didn't regret :)
18:36 melodie and thanks also for that great advice
18:37 melodie I bought other ones, but although flat, it's noisy and parts break easily (a foot for instance)
18:37 ubitux they seem to do fun stuff nowadays haha
18:37 ubitux
18:38 ubitux solar keyboard :D
18:41 ubitux
18:41 ubitux they're pretty funny
18:41 melodie my boy-friend told me they go bling-bling :p
18:42 ubitux that's pretty geeky
18:43 melodie the second one you point to seems large
18:44 ubitux note that i'm not recommending them
18:44 ubitux it merely amuse me ;)
18:44 melodie do you think it is silent?
18:45 melodie ubitux, yes, if you don't care, I can understand, however I repeat your previous recommandation has been really great !
18:45 ubitux anyway, here is a flat one at 10€
18:45 ubitux no idea if they are silent
18:45 melodie I've go two flat ones but they are horribly noisy.
18:46 melodie one has cost 20 euros in a store in town and the other one 9.90 in a webstore : both are too noisy
18:52 melodie :)
18:52 NoNa hello everybody
18:53 melodie I think I would like to have one even larger
18:54 melodie hi NoNa how are you?
18:54 NoNa I'm fine and you ?
18:56 melodie kind of well, thank you
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