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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-06-10 - from wonder to study

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01:32 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
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13:49 melodie hi
15:43 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
15:45 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
16:23 melodie hello soulshake !
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22:18 pdurbin_m joined #wonderstudy
22:19 pdurbin_m melodie: what's new?
22:26 pdurbin_m or anyone. the quiet ones. :)
22:27 pdurbin_m I'm improving my workflow for
22:27 melodie pdurbin_m was watching a video
22:27 melodie you are not working all the time, are you?
22:30 pdurbin_m does taking care of kids count as work?
22:31 melodie that counts as something very special: no one pays you for that, and it's exhausting, but you see your own ones growing. :)
22:32 pdurbin_m yeah
22:32 melodie I may have an idea, but it might not be the one you would like the best, about this part:
22:32 melodie "The rise of mobile and the diversity of its technologies make exposing a RESTful API the most crucial capability of any application and the key to its success. "
22:33 melodie simple answer: pull the plug off, (or the battery! ^^)
22:33 pdurbin_m but as far as study... I'm pretty focused on Java EE
22:33 melodie sorry, what does "EE" stand for?
22:33 pdurbin_m enterprise edition
22:40 melodie ok
22:40 pdurbin_m I think I'd like to study music too
22:40 melodie do you have knowledge in music?
22:41 melodie I mean prior knowledge
22:42 pdurbin_m a little
22:44 pdurbin_m more than my knowledge of French :)
22:46 melodie no one can know everything, right? I have no knowledge of music. I can't even read a classical musical arrangement
22:51 pdurbin_m any interest in it? reading music?
22:52 melodie I would have, when I was younger
22:55 melodie ubitux if you are here, I have something I would want to show you
22:56 pdurbin_m how about playing music? most guitarists can't read it ;)
22:57 ubitux melodie: yes?
22:58 melodie ubitux I posted a link to a specialized blog and to a video on the linuxvillage forum, I get the link
22:58 melodie Re : Japon+France = ♥ -,395.msg2715.html#new
22:59 kotux joined #wonderstudy
22:59 ubitux is that worth watching?
22:59 ubitux i wouldn't mind if it was 5-10 minutes, but it's a bit long
23:00 melodie I watched the beginning and then listened to the rest while doing something else. It's mostly talking
23:00 melodie however there is the link to the original blog, so I thought you might like it
23:03 ubitux ok
23:03 ubitux well, thx
23:04 melodie with pleasure
23:18 melodie good night

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