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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-06-07 - from wonder to study

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Time S Nick Message
01:22 pydsigner joined #wonderstudy
10:14 Gardel joined #wonderstudy
19:21 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
20:02 melodie joined #wonderstudy
20:02 melodie joined #wonderstudy
20:02 melodie hi
20:11 NoNa coucou melodie
20:11 melodie hello NoNa, how are you?
20:12 NoNa I'm fou ?ine and y
20:12 NoNa mince
20:12 NoNa I(mu ? thanks and y
20:12 NoNa rahhhhhhhhhhh
20:12 NoNa I-m fine.......and you ?
20:14 melodie NoNa I am a bit busy right now, however I'm fine.
20:14 melodie thanks
20:15 NoNa bit busy ?
20:16 melodie a little bit, yes
20:17 NoNa bit ....
20:18 NoNa I don't understand
20:18 melodie a little bit busy (un petit peu occupée)
20:24 NoNa ah ok
20:26 melodie you?
20:27 NoNa me, I'm work too...
20:27 NoNa -m
20:28 melodie NoNa do you want some alternate ways to tell about it?
20:29 NoNa the english with me....:s
20:29 NoNa (pas trop compris)
20:30 melodie <melodie> you?
20:30 melodie <NoNa> me, I'm work too...
20:30 melodie <NoNa> -m
20:30 melodie you might want to say:
20:30 melodie "I am working"
20:30 melodie or
20:31 melodie "I am at work too"
20:31 melodie or "I am also being working"
20:31 NoNa I'm working for the studies
20:32 melodie therefore you could say "I am studying", or "I am being studying"
20:32 pdurbin not "I am being studying"
20:32 melodie pdurbin thanks
20:32 NoNa okay melodie
20:32 melodie NoNa I am removing some themes from the forum
20:33 NoNa oh I see
20:33 melodie NoNa listen to pdurbin he knows much better than I do :)
20:34 NoNa so I learns when you speak in english ^^
20:35 melodie <NoNa> so I learns when you speak in english ^^ // -s for learn
20:35 melodie English and not english
20:35 melodie in French we use low case, in English, high case, and same for days and months
20:36 NoNa melodie, I return to work on my project now
20:37 melodie NoNa there is also a chan where English is spoken a lot, you could visit once a while, it's #unilang at
20:39 NoNa thanks melodie I see that another day (omg j'ne peux plus de l'angalis :x)
20:42 melodie ok
20:55 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
21:14 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
21:28 melodie joined #wonderstudy
21:28 melodie joined #wonderstudy
22:49 soulshake joined #wonderstudy

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