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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-29 - from wonder to study

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20:01 melodie hi
21:12 pdurbin we're here :)
21:39 melodie so am I pdurbin
21:39 melodie do you happen to have a Linkedin account? I would suppose so?
21:58 pdurbin_m joined #wonderstudy
21:58 pdurbin_m melodie:
21:59 melodie thanks
21:59 melodie I explain later... on something right now
22:05 melodie pdurbin I wanted to get a doc on a website where they share docs
22:06 melodie I have to create a presentation for an initiation course around linux I want to setup
22:06 melodie I had found a nice example of presentation and wanted to study it, but it seems not possible to download it in fact, even if connected from Linkedin
22:34 melodie pdurbin I would like to find nice interactive online courses in English for my son, who is a young teenager. He is not bad in English at school, but the number of hours is too low
22:34 melodie and he would probably be interested to try, if there is one which can be started at any time during the year
23:01 pdurbin maybe we should start a "looking for" list
23:01 pdurbin for courses people are looking for
23:04 melodie pdurbin that would be nice!
23:04 melodie pdurbin do you think some "live" and interactive online courses could be found?
23:09 pdurbin I'm not sure. I haven't looked
23:11 pdurbin melodie: you could look around here: English Language Learners Stack Exchange -
23:11 melodie I look, thank you
23:12 pdurbin
23:12 melodie this might fit my needs but not those of my child
23:12 melodie now imagine,
23:14 melodie your eldest child, who would know let's say 200 words of French and a few ways to combine them to make sentences, would really want to start learning it with French people. But none is available around (some could, but don't do that). Wouldn't you try to find some place online for that?
23:15 melodie a place where the main pages would be in English, and just a click away, could start to discuss with people in French, with simple discussions fit for the age and level?
23:15 pdurbin do you want conversation or formal instruction?
23:15 melodie (perhaps a bit complicated)
23:15 melodie both
23:15 melodie mixed in an intelligent way
23:16 pdurbin written or verbal?
23:18 melodie same, it should be good to have both possible, so once written, once verbal...
23:18 melodie mixed as in the real life would be ideal
23:19 melodie however I am not sure if it is possible
23:23 pdurbin I'd like to encourage a foreign language (or two) for my children too
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23:29 melodie pdurbin the other day you told us they do have courses at school to learn foreign languages, is that right?

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