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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-24 - from wonder to study

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00:18 martinux_qc joined #wonderstudy
00:24 ubitux pdurbin: this 20 hours really sounds like pure bullshit TBH
00:24 ubitux reminds me the books like "learn how to build an airplane in only 1 week"
00:25 ubitux there is no secret to learning, you need time, no matter what those mountebanks want to make you believe
00:26 ubitux and btw, the 10.000 hours sound pretty optimist for a mastery level
00:26 ubitux it's more like between 5 and 10 years, not 3
00:27 ubitux about the girl learning random stuff and making a 5 minutes video... well...
00:27 ubitux that's nice but not digging a little more is IMO a waste of time
00:28 ubitux learning superficially like this is well, interesting from a cultural PoV, but it doesn't provide much more insight that reading a random newspaper
00:37 pdurbin I watched the first few minutes of it but my internet disconnected or something. I wasn't exactly hanging on his every word. he was talking about how much your life changes when you have kids
00:38 pdurbin anyway, I more wanted to point out the learningnerd lady. I like her google+ posts in general
04:10 ubitux
06:37 pdurbin huh. nice
11:18 sebbu "Private Repos 1 of 5"
11:18 * sebbu already have a free micro plan
11:55 pdurbin I was thinking of signing up for bitbucket. says "unlimited private repositories"
12:52 pdurbin Cave of Programming | Programming videos, tutorials and online courses -
12:53 pdurbin "completely free": Java for Complete Beginners, Java Multithreading, Java Design Patterns and Architecture
14:35 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
17:34 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
20:36 sebbu :D
21:22 pdurbin huh
22:30 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
23:53 melodie joined #wonderstudy
23:53 melodie joined #wonderstudy
23:59 melodie hello

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