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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-20 - from wonder to study

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09:52 Gardel joined #wonderstudy
11:13 ubitux btw, you might want to point out softwares too
11:13 ubitux typically Anki
11:14 ubitux (
11:15 pdurbin ah. flashcards. effective, I hear
11:15 pdurbin education is quite a broad topic
11:17 pdurbin ubitux: hmm, broken link:
11:17 pdurbin ( )
11:17 pdurbin there. that's better :)
11:17 ubitux fix your url matcher :)
11:17 pdurbin meh
11:18 pdurbin ubitux: please use moar whitespace :)
11:19 ubitux pdurbin:
11:19 ubitux from urxvt/perl/matcher
11:19 ubitux seems to work pretty well here
12:11 pdurbin ubitux: I passed along your suggestion:
12:15 ubitux :)
12:31 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
14:40 melodie joined #wonderstudy
14:40 melodie joined #wonderstudy
14:41 melodie hello
15:33 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
17:18 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
18:47 TechDesk joined #wonderstudy
19:17 melodie ah !
19:17 melodie there had to be a mean
19:29 sebbu ?
19:36 pdurbin meaning?
19:51 melodie pdurbin I was seeking how to be voiced while deop-ed
19:51 melodie I finally found how to do it
19:52 melodie hi btw :)
20:15 sebbu melodie, any higher right overwrite the lower one
20:16 sebbu +o > +h > +v
20:16 sebbu +a & +q are special cases
20:16 sebbu (but they need +o)
20:16 melodie sebbu I just needed to be op again to be able to voice myself then deop
20:17 melodie just a matter of doing things in the right order
20:25 sebbu or you can just /cs #wonderstudy voice
20:25 sebbu /cs voice #wonderstudy
20:25 sebbu mieux
20:25 sebbu ;)
20:26 sebbu !devoice
20:26 sebbu /cs devoice #wonderstudy
20:27 TechDesk hi all
20:28 pdurbin yesterday I noticed that people in this channel don't need to be voiced for others to be able to see what they are typing (or for philbot to log what they typed). I'm confused why we even care if people are voiced or not
20:30 melodie pdurbin if a spammer comes just type this: /mode +m
20:31 melodie then only the persons who are already voiced can continue talking
20:31 pdurbin ah. interesting!
20:31 melodie later when the spammer leaves, you can do "/mode -m"
20:31 melodie so that if someone who is not a spammer, but not yet known can talk
20:32 melodie and then we voice only the persons who we can reasonably trust to be ok, polite, helpful, good guys and gals.
20:58 pdurbin ok. sounds good
21:00 melodie pdurbin this may also avoid having to limit the access to people invited
21:01 pdurbin oh, we definitely don't want to limit access. I don't think!
21:01 pdurbin the more the merrier :)
21:02 melodie :)
21:02 melodie sure

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