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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-18 - from wonder to study

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00:27 philbot joined #wonderstudy
00:34 melodie joined #wonderstudy
00:34 melodie hello !
00:39 melodie good night
00:45 pdurbin heh
00:46 pdurbin so, all of these nice people joined: codex Darkos80 Goodbox irclogbot_sc martinux_qc melodie NoNa OpTimus rumpelstillskin run4flat slystone soulshake TechDesk znk_
00:46 pdurbin then I asked them to leave because no one was an op or could become an op. so I re-created the channel and registered it this time
00:47 pdurbin but now I need to invite everyone back! :)
00:52 martinux_qc joined #wonderstudy
00:56 pdurbin ok, I think I was able to send a /msg to everyone except Darkos80 NoNa OpTimus rumpelstillskin znk_
00:56 pdurbin martinux_qc: welcome back! you got the /msg, obviously :)
00:57 pdurbin so sorry for the trouble :(
00:57 Goodbox joined #wonderstudy
00:57 martinux_qc no problem, that ok
00:57 pdurbin Goodbox: welcome!
00:57 Goodbox Hi :) thank's !
00:58 martinux_qc so everything is ok now
00:59 Goodbox rhaaa 02:58 o'clock x)
01:09 pdurbin yep
02:11 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
06:34 slystone joined #wonderstudy
06:34 slystone \o/
07:17 Goodbox Hey slystone :)
07:26 slystone Hey Goodbox
11:52 pdurbin soulshake: welcome! I'm glad you found something interesting in a different channel I started: :)
11:53 pdurbin slystone: welcome to you too. do you know much about giving ChanServ admin rights? I noticed that ChanServ hangs out in #linuxvillage
12:03 slystone pdurbin: what do you want to do?
12:03 slystone And thank you. :)
12:04 pdurbin I'm not sure what I want to do... "setup ChanServ with some admin rights" is what melodie suggested
12:04 pdurbin `/msg chanserv help set guard` shows me: "SET GUARD allows you to have ChanServ join your channel"
12:05 pdurbin and once ChanServ has joined... I guess I would give her some admin rights? but I'm not sure which ones...
12:06 slystone Try /msg ChanServ set #wonderstudy guard on
12:11 slystone pdurbin: ← you've got some help here. Otherwise you can always join #freenode to ask for some help.
12:12 slystone pdurbin: you can give her all the rights, except the one to founder.
12:12 slystone That's what I did on another chan.
12:13 slystone ← the different rights are listed here.
12:37 pdurbin hmm. multiple founders are possible. this looks great. thanks
12:37 slystone ^^
12:37 pdurbin I have to run... soccer, ballet, ocean, birthday party. and tomorrow... bike parade
12:38 slystone Seems like you've got a full schedule for the weekend. :)
12:38 pdurbin yep
12:38 pdurbin basically, I want to continue this post:
12:38 pdurbin and start talking about founders and chanserv
12:39 slystone :)
12:39 slystone Me I'm rollerblading to Paris to join an Englsh conversation table, and after I'll meet some anarchists.
12:50 Goodbox Some anarchists :o Hi/re * :)
14:54 pdurbin slystone: real anarchists? I'm not even sure what that means. :)
17:52 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
18:00 soulshake joined #wonderstudy
18:36 melodie joined #wonderstudy
18:36 melodie joined #wonderstudy
18:36 melodie hello !
19:20 NoNa joined #wonderstudy
20:53 sebbu joined #wonderstudy
20:55 sebbu I think I have some links for the conference / podcast section of the site :p
21:00 melodie hi sebbu
21:01 melodie do you want to add it to the github wonderstudy page ?
21:01 melodie pdurbin do you intend to add some configuration to the present chan during the coming week ?
21:03 sebbu melodie, yes
21:03 sebbu should i fork & make a pull request ?
21:03 melodie yes you can
21:03 melodie pdurbin said "welcome to fork" when it was started
21:04 melodie
21:04 melodie this is the file
22:39 slystone pdurbin: well, it's very hard to be a real anarchist.
22:52 pdurbin_m joined #wonderstudy
22:53 pdurbin_m slystone: :)
22:53 pdurbin_m slystone: how are the anarchists?
22:54 pdurbin_m sebbu: fork away!
22:56 pdurbin_m I walked around the marathon bombing site today. everything seemed very normal
23:00 pdurbin_m sebbu: I am starting to think the recommendations should be organized by person. by whoever is recommending a podcast or course.
23:00 pdurbin_m or at least tagged with names of people
23:01 sebbu pdurbin, I'll fork soon
23:01 sebbu by person it'll be hard
23:04 slystone pdurbin_m: I didn't get to meet them in the end, I've spent too much time at the English conversation table.
23:04 pdurbin_m yeah
23:05 slystone o/ sebbu
23:07 pdurbin_m bummer
23:08 slystone Yep!
23:08 slystone ← next week I get to go this! \o/
23:10 slystone The main sponsor is (you're going to laugh) Microsoft! But every year they get to have pranks played on them. ^^
23:17 sebbu done
23:18 sebbu It created an issue too :o
23:20 pdurbin slystone: hmm. that reminds me... I have some French speaking friends in Montreal who have a Linux company:
23:24 slystone pdurbin: interesting! :)
23:24 slystone Montreal ♥ Rho, now I want a Poutine!
23:32 * pdurbin looks at
23:32 pdurbin yum
23:55 slystone ^^

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