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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-17 - from wonder to study

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01:19 pdurbin melodie: should we invite everyone else back in?
01:20 melodie pdurbin I don't think so
01:20 melodie Goodbox tu peux quitter s'il te plaƮt ?
01:20 melodie pdurbin I think the only problem is on the side of TechDesk and this should be solved at next evening
01:21 Goodbox yep
01:21 Goodbox left #wonderstudy
01:21 melodie pdurbin can you give info to me about a pair of things related to "resumes" and "cover letters" ?
01:27 pdurbin melodie: if it's quick I can try
01:28 melodie it's probably very quick
01:28 melodie should we talk privately ?
01:32 pdurbin oh, I thought it was a general question
01:33 melodie perhaps, or not
01:33 melodie I think I can ask here
01:33 melodie in France the recruiters ask for CV and "motivation letter", must probably be what you call a cover letter... not sure
01:34 pdurbin yes, that sounds right
01:34 melodie but they don't ask for a sample. I want to send my CV and so on to a company who asks in both countries. (I want to try to get a job remotely) so I'll send my documents in French and in English
01:35 melodie if I understand what I read this evening about a sample letter, that might be more or less any writing that anyone can understand ?
01:36 melodie I was going throught what I wrote most recently in English. I thought I might present this post:
01:36 melodie Ubuntu Openbox Remix 12.04 without a session manager (lighter) -,292.msg1979.html#msg1979
01:36 melodie in a company where they know free software, would that be ok ?
01:36 melodie this was my first question, and the second is : "any specific advise about what a cover letter should look like?"
01:36 pdurbin when I hear "sample letter" it makes me think of "writing sample" ... if you were going to work for a newspaper they would want a writing sample from you for sure...
01:37 melodie this company wants to see if the person writes correctly.
01:37 pdurbin ah. ok. makes sense then
01:38 melodie I can send a recipe I wrote a pair of years ago, for the French side, and I would maybe send this one for the English part... or something else
01:38 pdurbin and I think that's a good sample you linked to
01:38 melodie you can have a look at the picture in the recipe page if you wish :
01:38 melodie ah, thanks !
01:39 pdurbin yum!
01:39 melodie :D
01:40 pdurbin I don't have much specific advise about cover letters. just explain why you're interested in the job and how your skills match what they want
01:41 pdurbin advice*
01:45 melodie I am going to try... :)
03:19 melodie good night
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21:08 pdurbin erry: hi
21:08 pdurbin RichiH: hi
21:09 pdurbin looks like it's just you both, me, and philbot (my bot) in here now
21:09 pdurbin so if we all leave, I could create the channel and register it this time :)
21:10 pdurbin I have to go bring my daughter to soccer practice but I'll check back in a few hours
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