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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-16 - from wonder to study

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20:51 philbot joined #wonderstudy
20:51 Topic for #wonderstudy is now from wonder to study: | logs at |
21:26 melodie joined #wonderstudy
21:26 melodie hi
21:26 pdurbin melodie: hi!
21:26 melodie pdurbin ?
21:27 pydsigner Yeah, we're waiting for the staff conference to end
21:27 melodie the only one who can't logout is TechDesk because he is logged in from his home and is not returning there before tomorrow evening GMT+2 : tomorrow evening he will be able to quit from here
21:27 melodie ok
21:28 melodie pdurbin am I needed here?
21:28 pdurbin melodie: while you were away erry said this channel we started looks to be on-topic for freenode
21:29 melodie what does this mean?
21:29 melodie "on-topic for freenode" ?
21:30 pdurbin melodie: "As a program of a not-for-profit entity, freenode was established to provide resources to specific communities for activities which advance the public good." --
21:30 pdurbin that's my understanding anyway
21:32 pydsigner Could TechDesk log in from where-ever he is right now?
21:32 pdurbin melodie: I would say we are trying to advance the public good :)
21:32 pydsigner He could grab back his nick, then quit.
21:32 pydsigner I guess you have to contact him first :-/
21:33 pdurbin pydsigner: poor TechDesk. it's my fault for not registering this channel right away
21:33 melodie pydsigner I just asked him on another chan #cyber-tux, I hope he could get the message
21:33 pydsigner OK
21:34 pydsigner Shoot, he has the HideMail flag
21:34 melodie he was in as TechDesk__ : but he quit
21:34 melodie so this will be tomorrow evening
21:34 pydsigner So we can't send him an email easily
21:35 melodie he will be back at his home tomorrow... he told me we can count on him to come right on here to logout
21:38 melodie pdurbin I just read what "on-topic" is
21:38 pdurbin melodie: do you think we are on topic?
21:38 melodie then I guess #linuxvillage also is on-topic (we are registered, so no problem there)
21:38 melodie yes I do
21:38 pdurbin good. me too :)
21:38 melodie I didn't know about that page until now
21:38 pdurbin melodie: do you want so say a few words about what this channel is about?
21:38 rumpelstillskin joined #wonderstudy
21:38 rumpelstillskin left #wonderstudy
21:39 pdurbin earlier I said, "we share information about free online university courses and similar educational audio and video (conference talks, podcasts, etc.)"
21:39 pdurbin and I pointed out our website:
21:39 pdurbin melodie: thanks for the updates to the website, by the way :)
21:39 melodie the present channel is about learning online of all kinds, courses, opencourseware, videos and helping each other finding the right courses as well as having direct help to learn better: is that all correct?
21:39 melodie pdurbin did you like what I added?
21:45 pdurbin_m joined #wonderstudy
21:46 pdurbin_m yes
21:46 melodie thank you!
21:48 pdurbin_m you were able to edit from the browser, right?
21:49 melodie yes sir
21:50 pdurbin_m good. hope it was easy
21:50 melodie yes, I followed the example of your method
21:50 melodie just mimic
21:51 melodie I noticed the preview tab, and the code tab...
21:51 pdurbin_m monkey see, monkey do :)
21:51 pydsigner Hehe
21:53 melodie I have read that somewhere, isn't it the first words of a programming course?
21:53 pdurbin_m it's how I code... :)
21:56 melodie nice
21:56 melodie it makes me happy to think that soon it will be possible to learn faster thanks to this one channel
21:57 melodie with the people helping each other around specific questions
21:57 pdurbin_m yep
21:57 pydsigner Is text format stuff desired also, or just multimedia?
21:58 pdurbin_m sure
21:59 melodie pydsigner I don't understand the question
22:04 pdurbin_m melodie: at we emphasize audio and video, not text
22:05 pdurbin_m which I think is valuable. text is easier to assess if it is any good or not
22:06 melodie I just scratch my head
22:06 melodie let me re read the page
22:06 melodie perhaps I'll come to understand
22:07 melodie pydsigner do you want to try to explain me?
22:07 melodie I re read and still don't get it... :-(
22:08 melodie <pdurbin_m> melodie: at we emphasize audio and video, not text
22:09 melodie where do you see that we emphasize audio and video ? the links don't show what they lead to, do they ?
22:09 pydsigner Hmm, I don't see it anymore
22:10 pydsigner I was readying pdurbin's comment, "we share information about free online university courses and similar educational audio and video (conference talks, podcasts, etc.)"
22:10 pydsigner * reading
22:11 pdurbin audio is what I like. I wish I had more time to watch videos and read but I often don't :(
22:11 pdurbin melodie: I would say we are trying to emphasize free content, wouldn't you?
22:12 melodie yes, this is it
22:12 melodie and the most important I think is the interactive free courses, because they make the learning more attractive
22:12 pdurbin pydsigner: so if the text is free, if it's just out there, sure, I would link to it
22:12 melodie than just reading docs and pdf books
22:15 pdurbin melodie: I think recommendations are important. in ##programming last night someone was asking for free courses to watch. was mentioned and the person asked, "have you watched it? is it good?"
22:15 pdurbin and the reply was, "yes, it's good, though I've only watched a little. it covered linking very well."
22:15 melodie and did you answer this last question?
22:15 pdurbin nope
22:16 pdurbin but
22:16 melodie who did?
22:16 pdurbin I added "covers linking" to
22:16 pdurbin since I already had that course listed there :)
22:16 melodie what is covers linking?
22:16 pdurbin now I'm more motivated to watch it!
22:16 pdurbin this is linking:
22:16 pdurbin "covers" just means "talks about"
22:17 pdurbin linking is discussed in that course
22:18 melodie pdurbin is that what the prelink program does?
22:18 pdurbin hmm, well, I think prelink loads stuff in memory so it loads faster
22:19 pdurbin from the man page I would say it *is* related
22:19 pdurbin hence the name :)
22:19 pdurbin if you compile software by hand you'll see object files
22:20 pdurbin which get "linked" together into the binary that you execute
22:20 pdurbin the binary could be a command, such as grep
22:20 melodie then...
22:21 melodie I try to figure out what the libs become when I uninstall a program which it has been linked to
22:21 pdurbin melodie: have I confused you? I'm sorry
22:21 melodie I suppose as long as it is shared with another program nothing happens ?
22:21 melodie no you have not
22:21 melodie you just brought me to thinking of the inner life of these programs
22:22 pdurbin some objects are shared. seeing is common. "so" stands for "shared object"
22:24 melodie oh good
22:24 melodie so so ! :D
22:25 pdurbin :)
22:26 pdurbin comme ci, comme ça
22:27 pdurbin "so so" :)
22:30 melodie did you copy paste your "ça"? You are supposed to not have the ç on your US qwerty keyboard :D
22:30 pydsigner Lol
22:31 melodie pydsigner he is very clever! ^_^
22:32 pdurbin I cheated. I copied it. I have a "normal" keyboard ;)
22:32 melodie lol
22:34 melodie you can get it from your keyboard too probably. This would be how:
22:34 melodie in the console, you would type "setxkbmap fr"
22:34 melodie then hiit the key 9
22:34 melodie once done to get your keyboard again, type setxkbmap us
22:34 melodie done
22:34 melodie and 0 would produce a 'à'
22:34 pdurbin ç
22:34 pdurbin zoz
22:34 pdurbin i mean ... "wow"
22:34 melodie ^_^
22:35 melodie with the keybaord under Linux we can also have accents on high case
22:36 melodie À Ê È É
22:36 pydsigner It didn't work for me :(
22:36 pdurbin seems like so much trouble
22:36 melodie and special characters such as Œ œ æ Æ
22:36 pdurbin who needs all those accents? ;)
22:36 melodie to say "eggs":
22:36 melodie œufs
22:36 melodie under Windows not that nice:
22:36 melodie oeufs
22:37 melodie see? The former one is the right way to type it
22:37 melodie about the online courses
22:37 melodie I have registered to the cs50 mailing list
22:37 melodie and a guy posts to ask about how to install a table for special characters, because he is French and can't type the signs : [r(
22:37 melodie signs:
22:38 melodie [{ and ] }
22:38 melodie he just didn't know that under Linux we just need to use the Alt-gr key for that
22:38 pydsigner That would be a problem!
22:38 pdurbin_m melodie: have you noticed how international the cs50 mailing list is?
22:38 melodie once I had explained: he didn't need to install a table of characters anymore!
22:38 melodie yes I did
22:41 melodie there are many people who start with "I am not very good in English..."
22:42 melodie with the right setup we can do fun things with the keyboard
22:42 melodie “” : en quotes
22:42 melodie «french quotes»
22:42 melodie signs such as →
22:42 melodie
22:42 melodie
22:42 melodie
22:43 melodie
22:43 melodie
22:43 melodie ⁽™⁾
22:43 melodie ©
22:43 melodie Â
22:43 melodie ¢
22:43 melodie and so on...
22:44 melodie the line of the middle with Alt-gr+right-shift:
22:44 melodie Ä„Ë‚¥ÐÜÏĿÖÙ
22:44 melodie Æ¢ÊÞŸÛÎŒÔ
22:44 melodie this was the upper line
22:45 melodie ±≠
22:46 melodie I didn't try with a US keyboard setup to US :)
22:46 melodie I have a US keyboard on a laptop but I always set it up to fr
22:51 pdurbin_m melodie: you scared him away ;)
22:52 melodie impossible
22:52 pdurbin_m heh
22:53 melodie even when I try to scare someone I just make them laugh...
22:53 melodie :p
23:03 slystone joined #wonderstudy
23:03 slystone Hi!
23:04 slystone melodie, pdurbin: !ping
23:05 melodie hi slystone
23:06 melodie everyone here will be asked to leave at some time, in order for pdurbin to regain the control of the chan : TechDesk is stucked here until tomorrow evening because he is logged from home, but not at home
23:06 melodie slystone apart from that anything new?
23:08 slystone melodie: well, not much. What you said I already knew, I was just wondering what was going on since some staff was in here.
23:08 slystone melodie: how are you?
23:08 melodie fine thanks, and you ?
23:08 pdurbin_m melodie: or they can make one of us an op. then we can register the channel
23:08 melodie may we have a short talk privately?
23:09 slystone Fine! I'm just back from rollerblading, it's getting pretty cold.
23:26 slystone left #wonderstudy

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