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IRC log for #wonderstudy, 2013-05-15 - from wonder to study

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22:22 pdurbin I was thinking more about online university computer science courses vs. audio content from technical podcasts and conferences
22:22 pdurbin I like both for sure
22:23 pdurbin the courses are for the fundamentals
22:23 pdurbin it's the ivory tower
22:23 pdurbin the stuff from podcasts and conferences is about the day to day work
22:23 pdurbin it's from the trenches
22:23 pdurbin both are valuable
22:24 pdurbin in general, it's not always easy to find university courses about the specific software stack you're using
22:24 pdurbin but it's often not hard to find alternative audio that covers that niche
22:25 slystone Hi pdurbin
22:44 pydsigner joined #wonderstudy
22:45 slystone Hi pydsigner & pdurbin
22:45 pdurbin pydsigner: hi!
22:46 slystone pdurbin: pydsigner is from Freenode, I've explained our little problem. ;)
22:46 pydsigner Is everyone in-channel active?
22:46 pdurbin yes
22:47 pydsigner OK, everyone leave, and then slystone should come back
22:47 slystone ok
22:47 pydsigner soulshake TechDesk Goodbox pdurbin
22:47 pydsigner See above
22:48 pydsigner Also the bots will need to leave
22:48 slystone pdurbin: do you want to be founder, or should I do it?
22:48 pdurbin slystone: doesn't matter. I can do it if you prefer
22:48 slystone pdurbin: ok, I'll let you do it.
22:48 slystone left #wonderstudy
22:48 pydsigner You can give founder, too
22:49 soulshake hmm? what? are we getting kicked out?
22:49 pdurbin soulshake: temporarily, please

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