Time  Nick             Message
15:33 DanielFJ         Good morning everyone
15:36 DanielFJ         I can't see the slides
15:39 DanielFJ         Thank you
15:39 DanielFJ         I can see them now
15:39 sjmaple          Hey, we start in around 20 mins
15:40 pdurbin          sjmaple: will there be a VirtualJUG presence at JavaOne?
15:41 sjmaple          We're doing a JavaCouncil session as a BoF on Tuesday
15:42 sjmaple          I think Roberto is giving a book reading club session on the 4th
15:42 sjmaple          I might see if we can do something with Stephen Chin on the nighthacking stand too
15:48 pdurbin          sjmaple: I found The Java Council: Live Podcast [BOF6078] but it says Monday night: https://events.rainfocus.com/catalog/oracle/oow17/catalogjavaone17?search=6078
15:50 sjmaple          oh cool - that works better for me :)
15:51 pdurbin          I'll try to make it.
15:57 sjmaple          cool
15:59 sjmaple          we'll just be a couple more mins :)
16:00 pdurbin          sjmaple: want to come to mine? https://events.rainfocus.com/catalog/oracle/oow17/catalogjavaone17?search=BOF2805 :)
16:00 sjmaple          Sure thing!
16:00 sammy            is it possile to get copy of this session ..
16:01 sammy            is it possile to get copy of this session ..
16:02 Giri             HAs it started>
16:02 sjmaple          not yet
16:02 sjmaple          @sammy yep - all sessions are recorded
16:03 Giri             @sjmaple Thanks Simon
16:03 sjmaple          ok, clicking go...... now!
16:04 wombatm8         Hi, If I cannot attend the full hour. Will the recorded session be available for offline viewing. thanks in advance
16:04 Guest17873       Did it started?
16:04 wombatm8         yes it has started
16:07 Foogaro          nope
16:07 Foogaro          black
16:09 mrbean           this is why i only have one screen
16:09 wombatm8         yes I can see it
16:13 DanielFJ         Where is the link of the slides?
16:14 sjmaple          @wombatm8 yep - it will be on youtube
16:14 sjmaple          @DanielFJ I can get the slides and add to comments on meetup page
16:17 sjmaple          public String __ = null; does actually work by the way :)
16:17 sjmaple          (double underscore)
16:17 SteveMann        is the underscore just a reserved keyword for future use or is it used somewhere?
16:17 sjmaple          it'll be used in future versions, not in Java 9
16:18 sjmaple          for empty/unused params in lambas I believe
16:18 sjmaple          lambdas*
16:23 bdemers          video keep skipping for me
16:23 abubakkar        works fine for me, try reloading
16:31 sjmaple          any better now, bdemers?
16:31 bdemers          a little yeah
16:32 bdemers          it froze for less then a second, but I didn't miss anything
16:32 bdemers          so i think i'm good now
16:32 sjmaple          great!
16:33 shamika          Dont you think that Java is bit too late on modular systems as there was an era where OSGI was prominent
16:36 Prashant         when you export, can you export it to another named package instead of global export. If so, how?
16:36 sjmaple          another named module?
16:36 Prashant         yes
16:36 sjmaple          export a.b.c to myModule
16:36 sjmaple          exports*
16:36 Prashant         oh, great thank you
16:37 sjmaple          np
16:37 doddi76          how can you state to export a package and all childs of that package. Do you have to state all children seperately?
16:38 Lanky_Dan        It looked like Intellij was already doing a lot at helping with modules
16:38 doddi76          but she mentioned it would not export the impl package that was a child of it
16:39 sarath           How is module-info.java is transformed to bytecode
16:39 sarath           ??
16:40 sarath           I'm more interested in knowing how the runtime treats modules
16:40 Prashant         thank you for answering the question
16:41 sjmaple          np, thanks for asking!
16:41 andrei_slash     are the modules versioned? and if so can one export/import certain version ranges?
16:43 andrei_slash     ah, cool, thanks :)
16:44 sjmaple          so, are you an OSGi user, andrei_slash? :)
16:45 andrei_slash     @sjmaple yeah, and managing the versions was a pain. happy we'll only have the bundle path to worry about
16:46 sjmaple          module-path :)
16:46 andrei_slash     hah yes ! (old habits die hard)
16:46 sjmaple          I often call modules bundles :)
16:57 doddi76          Does intellij detect no longer used exports within module-info (sorry another jigsaw question!), i.e. greying out for later removal?
16:59 doddi76          thanks :-)
16:59 sjmaple          thank you!
17:07 sjmaple          if people can't stay on, this session is fully recorded! So feel free to watch later too :)
17:07 shashiprashanth  :)
17:08 Andrewdev        Thank you so much, blessings
17:11 Kathik           Map.of is really good
17:26 mrbean           can you recommend the replacement in annotation?
17:26 sjmaple          I believe there's a description too... I'll check with trish
17:27 doddi76          How does reactive handle opening and closing resources? I think I was right that I didnt see the opening file in a try with resource (I might have been wrong!)
17:33 shamika          Are there any perticular improvements on the functional aspects of the language  ?
17:34 sjmaple          http://bit.ly/RealJava9
17:34 jyeary           Thanks Trisha!!!
17:36 tgrip            I heard they added something to Optional, which is useful
17:37 Kathik           Thanks Trisha Gee!
17:39 Veera            Dankjewel Trisha :-)
17:40 AlejandroPalacio Thank you Trisha. Appreciated.
17:40 susan            thanks
17:40 shamika          Thanks Trisha
17:40 doddi76          thanks Trisha