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16:15 sjmaple      starting in 1 min
16:21 radcortez    hello guys
16:22 radcortez    fell free to send in any questions :)
16:28 karstensrage spring repository has done a lot to reduce that stuff
16:30 radcortez    send in any question you would like to ask Lukas
16:31 cdthompso1   +10 for humour
16:34 cdthompso1   deadpool?
16:37 karstensrage yeah very good speaker
16:37 karstensrage not sure i agree that all this is a problem, repository for basic stuff, jdbcTemplate for direct or NamedQuery in hibernate
16:38 cdthompso1   pitch for JasperReports for developers?
16:38 karstensrage wow i love that sentiment
16:46 karstensrage so if we assume we all agree with him, is he suggesting we just query the db directly, how is this integrated into the standard web/CRUD app?
16:47 karstensrage i dont think any developer would have a problem with suits just writing their own queries instead of "shitty dashboards"
16:47 cdthompso1   i'm unsure what the recommendation is, if there is a requirement database results inside an app
16:47 karstensrage http://attackwithnumbers.com/the-laws-of-shitty-dashboard
16:47 cdthompso1   yup, lots of BI tools in the marketplace with semantic layers for user self-service
16:48 cdthompso1   if java developers are the org's report authors, you're over-paying
16:50 cdthompso1   that's a great link. thanks for sharing
16:50 cdthompso1   this discussion reminds me of this solution:  https://www.simple.com/engineering/building-analytics-at-simple
16:51 cdthompso1   i had a DBA friend one time that showed me one...
16:51 cdthompso1   ;-)
16:52 cdthompso1   he is right that there is so much NoSQL hype that this fundamental discussion doesn't occur in many places
17:02 cdthompso1   obligatory chuck norris reference
17:02 karstensrage so what, stored procedures?
17:02 cdthompso1   that's what i was just writing. JPA 2.1 makes stored proc invocation easier
17:03 cdthompso1   but then you're back in the business of biz logic in a proprietary RDMBS
17:03 cdthompso1   our industry taught us to be database vendor agnostic for so long
17:04 karstensrage cdthompso1, lord howdy
17:05 karstensrage i mean at least for me, i do things in the db all the time  directly
17:06 cdthompso1   thanks