Time  Nick         Message
19:43 jdlee        ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
19:38 karstensrage why is JavaOne so expensive?
19:22 jdlee        i need to submit, as it's likely my only chance to go, but, being back with Oracle, even that's uncertain
15:06 pdurbin      I'm waiting for Bob to get in to look them over.
15:02 edburns      pdurbin: Yes did you submit?
14:25 pdurbin      ah, well, good luck to you too
14:15 edburns      From 2009 - 2015 I was able to create my own guarantee by teaching a class at JavaUniversity, but that ended in 2016.
14:15 edburns      pdurbin: Well, I submitted talks, but there is never a guarantee.
10:41 pdurbin      jdlee: good luck
04:16 jdlee        i need to do that
02:43 pdurbin      I just sent around a couple ideas to my team.
01:05 * pdurbin    assumes edburns is going
01:05 pdurbin      sjmaple: deadline for submitting a talk for JavaOne is Sunday