Time  Nick         Message
22:53 sjmaple      :D
22:46 * pdurbin    rings the dinner bell
22:46 pdurbin      heh, will do
22:46 sjmaple      But anyway, feed those kids ;o) Speak to you again soon! Remind me next week if I don't do those audio tracks
22:46 sjmaple      oh wow!, small world! :)
22:46 pdurbin      ah, I used to work at Berklee College of Music on Bolyston
22:45 sjmaple      399
22:45 sjmaple      cool! Our office is on Boyleston, but I can of course grab the train :)
22:44 pdurbin      I meant to track you down at JavaOne a couple years back but I missed your session.
22:44 pdurbin      absolutely. I work at Harvard if you're ever in Cambridge
22:43 sjmaple      I'll ping you next time I'm in town and we'll grab coffee!
22:43 sjmaple      oh wow! I go there all the time!
22:43 pdurbin      Boston
22:42 sjmaple      where are you based?
22:42 pdurbin      anyway, these potstickers are done. time to feed the kids. take care
22:42 sjmaple      hehm nice :)
22:41 pdurbin      ymmv ;)
22:41 pdurbin      set expectations
22:41 pdurbin      yeah, the 20 second intro would be a nice addition
22:40 pdurbin      is a fork of ilbot and my first name is Phil
22:40 sjmaple      lol
22:40 pdurbin      gives*
22:39 * pdurbin    give philbot a treat
22:39 pdurbin      Oh sure
22:39 sjmaple      they're really useful! thank you!
22:39 sjmaple      maybe I should record a 20 second intro saying similar. This is the audio version of a video on virtualjug.com. For the video, be sure to check out the website, but you can also enjoy this audio recording...
22:39 pdurbin      At least I host the IRC logs. That's my small contribution. Even if I don't tend to watch the presentations. I watched the first 10 or so, I think.
22:38 sjmaple      if it weren't for members, we'd just be talking to walls ;)
22:38 pdurbin      in practice, if I'm really enjoying an episode as audio but I'm thinking "I would get so much more out of this with the visuals" then I could always switch to the video
22:38 sjmaple      you totally are! Communities are owned my members, not leaders. They just put the hours in :D
22:37 sjmaple      it's easy to guess, but harder to get it right!
22:37 pdurbin      oh, I didn't know I'm a part owner ;)
22:37 sjmaple      in fact, I still need to send out a survey to get more info from our community to understand what they want/expect from our group!
22:36 sjmaple      totally - it's a community that everyone owns, so we completely value, appreciate and respect all views and opinions
22:36 pdurbin      I'm glad I spoke up. :)
22:35 pdurbin      fantastic
22:34 sjmaple      this will help it become active in fact :)
22:34 pdurbin      right, I'm already subscribed to that one
22:34 sjmaple      it's been inactive for a number of months, but I have a plan to kick it back into action :)
22:34 sjmaple      this is where our podcast is https://soundcloud.com/vJUG
22:34 pdurbin      heh, ok, no rush
22:34 sjmaple      so, I'm in Tartu, Estonia now, on pretty crappy internet at 1:30AM in the morning doing slides for 2 sessions tomorrow - there are definitely better times to do this - let me give it a go next week :)
22:33 pdurbin      just tell me the RSS feed URL :)
22:33 sjmaple      and you could be our guinea pig :)
22:33 pdurbin      sure, sounds great
22:33 sjmaple      we could do the last 5 sessions as a test :)
22:32 sjmaple      in fact
22:32 sjmaple      we can definitely try it to see
22:32 sjmaple      when it's just words on a slide, it's fine as they're just talked over - theres nothing to describe
22:32 pdurbin      could reach more people
22:32 pdurbin      sure, but a high percentage would work well enough as audio, I think
22:32 sjmaple      sometimes, talking over pictorial slides
22:32 sjmaple      depends on the session - sometimes it can be demo, imagine Josh Long
22:31 pdurbin      usually it's just talking heads :)
22:31 sjmaple      but would they work? or would they be frustrating?
22:31 sjmaple      it's easy to do :)
22:31 sjmaple      pdurbin: do you think they would work for sessions that would require visuals?
22:30 pdurbin      sjmaple: did I ever tell you that what I'd love is an audio version of the presentations? A podcast, basically.
22:27 * pdurbin    keeps meaning to go back and watch the presentations
22:25 sjmaple      glad you thought so tjololo - is this your first vJUG session or have you been to previous presentations?
17:12 tjololo      really usefull stuff both on youtube and here on irc!
17:09 McK          Tnx
17:09 McK          Tn
17:09 McK          Only if they improved their Docker version of Artifactory :)
17:08 shelajev     +1 for the artifactory!
17:08 shelajev     +1 for the testcontainers!
17:08 tjololo      Thank you very much:)
17:08 McK          Highly recommend it
17:08 McK          https://github.com/testcontainers/testcontainers-java
17:07 cdthompso1   looking forward to the takeaway
17:07 cdthompso1   nginx delivered that book to me via email while we were talking
17:06 Alexandra    Thank you!
17:06 McK          Insert data
17:06 McK          Implement data as part of your unit test
17:05 Alhaj        Thank you
17:05 McK          Why avoid spinning up MySQL?
17:04 jyeary       Thank you for a nice presentation.
17:03 cdthompso1   yes, this was great
17:03 cdthompso1   good call. also call out to strangler pattern
17:03 McK          Good lecture
17:01 rmarcu       why we nedd to use docker hub or a private hub and not to use save image and use it where we want to build
17:01 McK          What's your take of mocking vs using the real stuff using Docker like MySQL, Consul, etc?
17:00 sjmaple      please add any final questions now
16:59 cdthompso1   oh, freeze. ugh
16:59 cdthompso1   what's the symptom of the entropy problem?
16:55 McK          Very good to know about the first bullet!
16:53 McK          to run the Docker Compose
16:52 McK          So no need for the Docker Jenkins Plugin
16:51 shelajev     yeah, I think I'd rather bring the docker containers into my tests with something like testcontainers, rather than bring the tests run to a forest of the docker containers with a special plugins / syntaxes
16:49 Charmin      Can a doc container be a Jenkins slave directly ?
16:49 shelajev     yeah, selenium - definitely
16:49 cdthompso1   off the wall question: can you invoke selenium in there?
16:49 McK          I think it's better to encode the code in Gradle or Maven, so you can do this on the latop with the same command
16:46 McK          IT can only run in Jenkins
16:46 McK          This code means you can't run just run it in your local laptop
16:45 McK          can't
16:45 McK          If you use Jenkins, you can run the same stuff locally on your laptop
16:44 madmas_      would be nicer if it can be attached to the ctual binary file, though, maybe something similar like JPEG EXIF data, so one could still get the context without referencing the repository
16:43 shelajev     so that's where you attach all the metadata
16:43 shelajev     it makes sense, you'd like to store your containers in an artifact repository anyway
16:43 McK          yes
16:42 cdthompso1   binary repo -- that's where my head was going
16:42 cdthompso1   ephemeral -- better word
16:41 McK          Thus you should be able to label a pushed image
16:41 McK          ?
16:41 McK          He said label QA Passed right
16:41 McK          ephemeral
16:41 cdthompso1   i think that's his point here. label is temporal for runtime only
16:41 McK          It's emphemawral
16:41 shelajev     :)
16:41 McK          No
16:41 sjmaple      does this bit answer your question McK?
16:39 McK          what am I missing?
16:38 McK          After test pass you should tag
16:38 McK          right?
16:38 McK          then run tests
16:38 McK          you build, push
16:38 McK          Dockerfile labels is too late.
16:38 sjmaple      your question ironically slowed down the speed at which the answer would get to you :D
16:37 sjmaple      lol
16:37 McK          I'm planted :)
16:37 cdthompso1   this point on latest is key. i've seen people make this mistake in svn. don't use 'latest" alias
16:36 McK          Where do you save this metadata on the container after it has been pushed?
16:35 sjmaple      I wouldn't do anything without legal advice :)
16:35 cdthompso1   this implies oracle jdk on image is cool:  https://blogs.oracle.com/brunoborges/
16:35 McK          concat?
16:35 McK          build metadata through the docker image name?
16:34 sjmaple      https://hub.docker.com/u/danielbryantuk/
16:32 McK          Why not start MySQL docker image?
16:31 sjmaple      https://www.java.com/en/download/faq/distribution.xml
16:31 McK          Why not one for prod?
16:30 cdthompso1   thnks. i'll google that
16:30 sjmaple      Bruno Borges put something out I think
16:30 sjmaple      I remember they released a statement about that, but can't remember what it said
16:29 cdthompso1   cannot bundle oracle fully legally in base image. that's important
16:29 cdthompso1   ugh
16:29 cdthompso1   oh
16:28 cdthompso1   sorry, was correcting my typo, not questioning JVM choice ;-)
16:27 McK          Why not?
16:27 cdthompso1   ...why...
16:27 McK          Just run the same JVM you are used to, no?
16:27 cdthompso1   this alone is every dev should be best friends with an ops guy
16:26 McK          like StandaloneFoo class
16:25 McK          IT's easier to run the microservices directly
16:25 McK          Debug through docker is not as easy
16:25 cdthompso1   that sounds like religion getting in the way, centos in prod but ubuntu in QA
16:23 nickolay     too much info :-)
16:23 nickolay     This schema looks like a frankenstein
16:21 yawz         Thank you! ;)
16:21 tjololo      yawz: bit.ly/2jWDSF7
16:20 yawz         Yes
16:20 sjmaple      The Oreilly book?
16:20 yawz         When I just joined Daniel was mentioning the containerization book. Did he say that we could get it for free?
16:19 sjmaple      Barath: make sure your video quality is up as high as you can  - click on settings cog bottom right
16:18 sjmaple      I'm sure we can get Daniel can upload them and share if not
16:18 Barath       Yes slides please its blurred..
16:18 Charmin      Opening the live link on PC makes it stuck in loop
16:17 ademollien   Nice, are the slides available somewhere too ?
16:17 McK          hobofly?
16:16 sjmaple      https://www.amazon.com/DevOps-Handbook-World-Class-Reliability-Organizations/dp/1942788002
16:15 cdthompso1   plug from Jez and Gene Kim's new book, The DevOps Handbook
16:14 sjmaple      :)
16:14 McK          I'll wait for more details - np
16:14 McK          Java
16:14 sjmaple      with which tech McK? JVM?
16:13 McK          Didn't see anything with it
16:12 McK          What problems have you seen?
16:11 cdthompso1   vagrant and dropwizard samples in git - rock on
16:10 sjmaple      I wish there was a way of adding the default video quality in the embedded video on virtualjug.com but i'm not aware of any way
16:10 Alhaj        thanks
16:10 Cata         yeah 480 fixed, thanks!
16:09 cdthompso1   use the youtube sprocket to improve video quality. it's great at 480p
16:09 sjmaple      click the setting cog on the youtube video and crank it up to the highest you can go to
16:09 Alhaj        the screen not clear
16:07 McK          Daniel, we're on your right :)
16:06 shelajev     mine goes to the 720p
16:06 michelemauro The host is speaking WAYYY too fast for my poor non-native english :-D
16:05 cdthompso1   i didn't catch the name of an oss lib yet
16:04 cdthompso1   video is 144p for me at starbucks. i've never seen it that low :-)
16:04 McK          What was the name of the open source lib?
16:03 shelajev     *video
16:03 shelajev     also the usual cog icon should have the option to change the quality of the vide
16:03 shelajev     if the video is not live in 20-30 seconds, please refresh
16:02 shelajev     we're starting the broadcast
16:01 Jet          when will it start?
15:57 sjmaple      starting in just a few mins
15:50 shelajev     please refresh the page
15:49 shelajev     done
15:49 shelajev     it slipped our minds until you mentioned it
15:48 shelajev     sorry, what I'm trying to say is that we're working on updating it
15:48 shelajev     let's see if anything is changed in a minute
15:48 shelajev     indeed it should be
15:48 shelajev     thanks, Gil!
15:47 Upstream     hello
15:38 Gil          Isn't the live event supposed to be Continuous Delivery with Java and Docker: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly today?
15:34 shelajev     hello :)