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08:50 radcortez    hi everyone!
09:03 radcortez    hey guys
09:04 radcortez    you can start thinjing on questions and send them in :)
09:07 niki765      Chuvame li se JB?
09:09 radcortez    send your questions guys, sam will be happy to answer them :)
09:09 Yogs         Very interested in the section on Premature Decomposition - Very interested in the Premature Decomposition section - "In many ways, having an existing codebase you want to decompose into microservices is much easier than trying to go to microservices from the beginning.
09:09 Yogs         Does Sam still feel that.
09:10 Yogs         Starting out on new apps would he recommend a monolith initially with Microservices in mind?
09:11 radcortez    tks :)
09:12 miljenko     chapter - what would he recommend today, BFFs? Using API gateway or not? If yes, any recommendation (open source) API gateway?
09:12 radcortez    Sam link: http://samnewman.io/blog/2015/04/07/microservices-for-greenfield/
09:13 miljenko     UI chapter
09:14 pflueras     Do you think microservices is suitable for on premises applications which usually run on only one server? Isn't the overhead of microservices operations/provisioning cost too high for this use case?
09:15 radcortez    tks for the questions guys, keep them going :)
09:16 alasdair     When you have a monolith and want to replace it with microservices, do you have any tips on how to identify the (future) boundaries?
09:17 VT           Is Microservices supposed to get rid of ESB?
09:18 vishwas      If there is a existing application which uses RDBMs heavily how do you separate services ?
09:20 omihalyi     Microservices enable polyglot services, but I've experience that using too many different languages is not managable. What do you think about using a single platform (only Java, only node.js, ...) for implementing the microservices, or limiting the number of technologies?
09:20 miljenko     would you then avoid API gateway completely, not even use it for authentication/authorization from outside? what would be used instead? what would you use for service discovery?
09:21 alasdair     Considering HATEOAS, what would be a good way to share the initial entry points? Maybe have some kind of index of microservice entry points or something like that?
09:23 pflueras     Thanks so much for the answer!
09:23 radcortez    tks guys. allow me some time for relay
09:30 radcortez    keep the questions going guys :)
09:32 miljenko     thanks for answers
09:33 nrusev       Hi guys I have several questions.
09:33 nrusev       1.Do you think that companies will rewrite their monoliths to microservices? Because every software has problems that microservices can solve but is there enough budget and time for that ?
09:33 nrusev       2.Purpose of microservices - split legacy monoliths to microservice or only for starting new projects?
09:35 Zaid         we use rabbitmq message broker :)
09:35 alasdair     In your book, you say to "defer [versioning microservices] for as long as possible". Assuming that you're sure versioning will come in at some point and when you do version a microservice you want to go the route of including the version in the URL, should that be done from the beginning? So, start by having microservice paths of the form "/v1/my-s
09:35 alasdair     ervice" from the get go?
09:36 pflueras     I guess service bus isn't suitable for horizontal scaling?!
09:36 G01          If we use REST over HTTP, this implies synchronous communications, so orchestration, however, the recommendation is for choreography. Would the preference be to use REST over HTTP for communications with the client, and for us to use choreography between internal services? Are there suitable message brokers supporting REST over HTTP with all the HT
09:37 G01          TP verbs? What transport mechanism would you suggest for choreography - gRPC or something else?
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09:54 Yogs         Thanks guys, good sesion
09:55 radcortez    thanks for questions and joining :)
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