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15:47 pdurbin     ok
15:46 _ollie      pdurbin: yes, almost by definition…
15:46 millrossjez "are there any good alternatives to spring" is a bit like "are there any good alternatives to java"
15:46 pdurbin     _ollie: you're saying Spring has a larger feature set than Java EE
15:46 _ollie      agreed
15:46 millrossjez also rather depends on which features you plan to use
15:40 _ollie      I'd argue a "good alternative" is at least on par with the feature set. Which it clearly isn't. Whether that implies better for your definition of it is another topic.
15:39 pdurbin     oh. is Spring better? I've never used it
15:39 _ollie      pdurbin: he was asking for a *good alternative*… ;) *scnr*
15:07 pdurbin     monksy: there's Java EE
14:56 monksy      are there any good alternatives to spring?