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17:20 HarmeetSingh  bye
17:18 HarmeetSingh  Thanks to @Andres
17:18 shelajev      please aim further questions to @virtualjug or directly to @aalmiray on Twitter
17:18 carljokl      I wonder if Gradle can package a war more easily than SBT
17:18 HarmeetSingh  thanks to all
17:17 HarmeetSingh  thanks for @Vijug team
17:17 silentmatt    That was great, thanks!
17:17 feldoh        yeah, thanks for that
17:17 shelajev      it was a great session
17:17 shelajev      thanks a lot! :)
17:15 HarmeetSingh  *starving
17:15 gauravbrills  gradle has hooks for js builds like yeoman anything in that area
17:15 HarmeetSingh  yes i am also straving :P
17:14 sjmaple       looks like dinner is here :D
17:12 carljokl      I was going to ask about language support too but heard we are over time
17:12 carljokl      Maybe just for my own projects
17:12 feldoh        interesting point, how will gradle handle polyglot projects, well or not really
17:11 carljokl      I was hoping to get up to speed on Gradle
17:11 sjmaple       run for the hills, Carl!
17:11 sjmaple       OMG!
17:11 sjmaple       http://twitter.com/aalmiray
17:11 carljokl      In the Scala world our team has been moving from maven towards SBT
17:11 shelajev      @aalmiray
17:11 HarmeetSingh  what is @andres twitter name ?
17:10 HarmeetSingh  i thinks after this session, we need to move   for gradle :)
17:09 prapicault    therefore you can get more unique builds
17:09 prapicault    but it makes it easier for people to write code rather than looking for a plugin
17:09 HarmeetSingh  now he removes :P
17:08 shelajev      thanks
17:08 shelajev      hahaha
17:08 HarmeetSingh  @oleg shades looks good :)
17:06 feldoh        ty
17:03 Ehsanullah    One of the core idea behind Maven has been 'convention over configuration'. How does Gradle fare in that department? I like the tool but am afraid we'll end up w/ the old Ant way (each project configured in its own weird way) if there are no prescribed conventions.
17:01 HarmeetSingh  thanks @simon
17:01 sjmaple       thanks feldoh, I'll ask
17:01 sjmaple       nice
17:01 prapicault    Some previews are already available
17:01 sjmaple       yes, it uses groovy
17:00 prapicault    The project is going to be released in SR1 (September) http://projects.eclipse.org/projects/tools.buildship
17:00 HarmeetSingh  i think gradle use groovy ?
17:00 feldoh        how would you go about deploying resultant artifacts to a maven repo. I have previously found this to be badly documented although this was a while ago
17:00 sjmaple       if you'd like to follow Andres on twitter, he's at http://twitter.com/aalmiray
16:59 sjmaple       any final questions, please ask now!
16:58 sjmaple       http://twitter.com/gradleplugins
16:57 HarmeetSingh  it seems good
16:57 sjmaple       http://plugins.gradle.org
16:55 HarmeetSingh  like maven we declare dependencies in parent pom, gradle also manage dependencies like maven?
16:53 HarmeetSingh  great
16:53 Ehsanullah    I'm sold on Gradle! I say it's HOT!!
16:51 HarmeetSingh  how we manage dependencies and plugins  manage in gradle multi module project ?
16:48 shelajev      :)
16:48 HarmeetSingh  i think @andres feal happy
16:48 gauravbrills  ahh lets move on
16:47 prapicault    :)
16:46 prapicault    it is a small p not a capital P
16:46 HarmeetSingh  they automatically install all dependencies in repo
16:46 gauravbrills  but if I have a project in eclipse I have all dependecies .. and  just do a whole build when deploying in CI
16:45 HarmeetSingh  just to the parent pom to clean install
16:42 gauravbrills  do at root level will do for all
16:42 andreas       The parent POM is not in the repository.
16:42 HarmeetSingh  ha,.
16:41 HarmeetSingh  yes
16:41 HarmeetSingh  for install our jar to reposiotry
16:41 HarmeetSingh  mvn clean install
16:40 HarmeetSingh  mvn install
16:40 MichaelAubert In France, it's called the Bonaldi effect
16:39 HarmeetSingh  mvn install
16:38 HarmeetSingh  right
16:31 HarmeetSingh  i think its like to manage plugin in maven
16:26 HarmeetSingh  really great
16:23 MichaelAubert if he puts the file in a folder named sample.
16:20 Guest26454    This is pretty recent
16:20 sjmaple       are there two?
16:20 sjmaple       how does it split the pom out?
16:19 Guest26454    of your pom, rather than everything
16:19 Guest26454    This is no longer the case. Maven now has a mode where you can  deploy only the dependencies
16:12 HarmeetSingh  great
16:12 sjmaple       let me know what aspects of Gradle you want to see
16:12 shelajev      if anyone has any questions, please write them here and we'll be happy to forward them to Andres
16:11 sjmaple       any questions please let us know!
16:09 sjmaple       we're live by the way, in case you can't see us!
16:09 sjmaple       hey HarmeetSingh!
16:08 HarmeetSingh  hi
16:06 shelajev      @HarmeetSingh, thanks a lot!
16:06 shelajev      and the part 2 -> http://pages.zeroturnaround.com/RebelLabs-AllReportLanders_JavaBuildToolsPart2.html
16:06 HarmeetSingh  thanks @shelajev for valuable report
16:06 shelajev      and the reports about build tools that Andres has mentioned are: http://pages.zeroturnaround.com/RebelLabs-AllReportLanders_JavaBuildTools.html <- Part1
16:06 shelajev      ^^ the last link is to our latest report about understanding performance issues and knowing performance tools!
16:03 shelajev      http://pages.zeroturnaround.com/the-developers-guide-to-understanding-performance-problems.html
16:02 HarmeetSingh  i hope, gradle is hot build tool
16:02 HarmeetSingh  10
16:01 shelajev      on a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you about this session about the best build tool for Java: Maven!
16:01 HarmeetSingh  hello @simon
16:01 sjmaple       ok, about to go live in a sec
16:00 HarmeetSingh  hello to all
16:00 HarmeetSingh  after long time, joining vjug session
15:59 madmas        hi :)
15:59 millrossjez   Hello new helloers :)
15:57 MarkusHH      Hello from Hamburg
15:57 gauravbrills  Hi ever1
15:56 sjmaple       Hello, everyone!
15:56 millrossjez   Hi Murthy, Oleg
15:55 shelajev      hello people!
15:45 MurthyRatnala Hi All
15:45 millrossjez   Hello, Ixzo!
15:42 ixzo          Hello, World!