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15:37 cortizqtheowlo  Hi this is my first time experiencing this virtual JUG
15:57 shelajev        hello people!
15:58 sjmaple         hello everyone!
15:58 sjmaple         welcome cortizqtheowlo! :)
15:58 charles-effting hello! :)
15:58 hoque           hello everyone
15:58 arixion         Hello
16:06 Kay             Hello from SF
16:06 rajspring       we have recording for htis ?
16:06 shelajev        hey :)
16:06 shelajev        if you cannot see the video please refresh the page
16:06 shelajev        it's working for me
16:06 shelajev        so I hope works for everyone
16:08 shelajev        rajspring, we are recording
16:08 shelajev        and it'll be available on youtube
16:08 shelajev        and we'll do the usual writeup on the session and publish that on RebelLabs
16:09 shelajev        around tomorrow
16:09 shelajev        together with a short interview with Josh
16:09 shelajev        Here's the performance survey I've mentioned https://rebellabs.typeform.com/to/yhPzjG
16:10 sjmaple         boooo, no grails or groovy there! :)
16:10 shelajev        please, pretty please
16:10 shelajev        fill that
16:10 shelajev        it'd be awesome
16:10 shelajev        we might show a picture of a kitten when you're done with it
16:11 sjmaple         I can't remember if we do or not ;)
16:22 cafrjbr         the new java magazine issue has a article about netflix architecture
16:22 cortizqtheowlo  So is netflix using a microservice architecture?
16:23 sjmaple         yeh they're the ones everyone tends to use as the benchmark
16:25 shelajev        isn't isolation of deployments all about failure isolation?
16:26 shelajev        so 1 error doesn't take the whole system down?
16:29 sjmaple         mostly, yeh
16:30 sjmaple         spring boot is very slick
16:32 Guest10798      What was the size of hi.jar?
16:32 sjmaple         any questions for Josh?
16:32 sjmaple         oh, good timing Guest10798 :)
16:33 sjmaple         I'll ask when we next break for questions
16:33 Guest10798      It appeared "large"
16:51 sjmaple         any other questions so far?
16:53 Andreas_Evers   As the microservice becomes dependent on the config server, doesnt that create a resiliency issue where no microservice can startup after a global crash until the config server is up? Would you use the config-location property literal fallback as a solution for this or do you have something else in mind to prevent hard coupling between microservice
16:53 Andreas_Evers   s and config server?
16:56 cortizqtheowlo  I would like to know if all the code is going to be  available, as well the slides?
16:57 cortizqtheowlo  Any point to tutorial. I am very newbie to Microservices and many concepts in demo I dont'  understand!
16:57 sjmaple         I usually manage to get code and slides and point to them on the replay page
16:58 shelajev        cortizqtheowlo, we'll give many relevant links in the write up on RebelLabs tomorrow
16:58 sjmaple         I can ask about the Microserices info - Martin Fowler wrote a great blog on Microservices as a great starter
16:58 shelajev        or yeah, slides and links might also be on the vjug page
16:59 sjmaple         http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html
16:59 shelajev        sjmaple, I think it's more about the tools, like feign, zuul, etc
17:00 Andreas_Evers   Wouldn't it be possible to combine the ease of use of Feign with the hypermedia support from Spring Hateoas?
17:03 kr1s            How you share common datastructures among your services? Or how the BookmarkServices "publishes" the Bookmarkclass to all its clients. Keeping the share nothing "principle" in mind?
17:04 dhoffmann       josh is fastest man in the west! ;)
17:05 sjmaple         :) yet, he's very easy to listen to
17:07 Andreas_Evers   Will there be more of the Netflix OSS libraries/projects  "wrapped" in the Spring Cloud ecosystem?
17:09 hoque           Many thanks Josh
17:11 Haytham         after dress a service of a docker container, what is your recommendation for cloud deployment, what PaaS or service to use, do you recommend AWS ?
17:12 Haytham         as far as code versioning management, do you recommend one to one git repo for every microservice component ?
17:12 shelajev        Haytham, http://pivotal.io/platform-as-a-service/pivotal-cloud-foundry perhaps?
17:12 shelajev        because it's Pivotal
17:13 shelajev        but maybe Josh will recommend something else
17:13 Haytham         I thought about CF, but maybe docker not needed here
17:14 shelajev        but then again, Docker is native in the next release or something like that
17:14 shelajev        so there's no need not to include docker
17:14 Haytham         I like CF too :)
17:14 shelajev        then you get to move if you need
17:14 shelajev        without being locked into PaaSes that support jars
17:16 Andreas_Evers   Cool, definitely gonna look into that! Thanks for the answers on the many questions :)
17:16 Haytham         thanks much for the answer
17:18 vjuggie         A comment for the VJUG. You should adjust the pictures shown on bottom right so that the speaker photo appears, rather than the host#2 photo.
17:21 vjuggie         A comment for the presenter. It's not clear who your audience is because the microservice part seemed targeted at beginners, but the second half presumes all kinds of knowledge (lots of service names thrown around without explaining what they do). Perahsp the presentation should focus only on Spring Cloud and start by better introducing its purpose
17:21 vjuggie         and concepts before launching into demo.
17:29 Xperjon         Foobar
18:00 shelajev        vjuggie, thanks for the feedback.
18:01 shelajev        the image part - that's how hangouts recording operates, it's what the host sees. I can change my userpic, not to distract from the session, but the speaker's camera feed won't get there I'm afraid