Time  Nick     Message
14:44 kay_-_   beep
14:44 pdurbin  bloop
14:48 sjmaple  just about to get going!
14:52 sjmaple  can you see us? :)
14:52 cafrjbr  Yes!
14:52 tushar   Hi
14:52 tushar   yes
14:52 sjmaple  awesome! questions in here when you've got them pls!
14:52 sjmaple  thannks!
14:53 mylener  Anyone else problems with sound?
14:53 tushar   Sound is good.. little bit disturbance
14:54 mylener  Thanks.
14:54 tushar   voice is not coming
14:54 tushar   very slow
14:55 cafrjbr  microphone is not working out...
14:55 sjmaple  yeh, just replaced the mic
14:56 kay_-_   should I be seeing video?
14:56 kay_-_   it's still black for me
14:57 sjmaple  here's the video - https://java.net/projects/adoptajsr/pages/Home
14:57 mylener  You should see video.
14:57 sjmaple  not video - I mean link
14:57 sjmaple  kay_-_: refresh your browser
14:59 sjmaple  kay2: better?
15:00 kay2     yes, how much have i missed
15:00 sjmaple  about 7-8 mins, but you can watch back later
15:00 kay2     ok
15:01 sjmaple  any questions for Ed on his JSRs?
15:04 skhurana i am getting "please stand by"
15:04 sjmaple  try a browser refresh
15:04 sjmaple  skhurana: ^^^
15:10 sjmaple  here's the twitter account Andres mentioned https://twitter.com/jsr377
15:10 sjmaple  any questions from anyone?
15:10 sjmaple  feel free to ask and I'll put them straight to the panel
15:17 s1kh1    will it be made part of jdk? if yes ..then when?
15:20 sjmaple  to Anatole?
15:24 s1kh1    https://github.com/JavaMoney/jsr354-api/blob/master/src/main/asciidoc/JavaMoneySpecification.adoc has copyright and even source code has copyright and does not mention apache 2 license ?
15:24 s1kh1    i hope its apache licensed to use
15:25 sjmaple  thanks s1kh1, great questions
15:35 sjmaple  thanks everyone!