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00:11 prologic Anyone see in the news that the AU govn has passed an anti-encryption law today?
00:12 prologic Basically giving government agencies the power to force "technical assistance" and the creation of backdoors into systems to circumvent transport and data encryption
00:14 pdurbin  What kind of systems? Not open source software, right?
00:20 prologic All systems
00:20 prologic So far from what I've read
00:20 prologic If you are asked by a government agency (typically the Police, Australian Federal Police or Home Affirs) to provide "Technical Assistance" then you have to do so.
00:21 prologic Most of us here believe this effectively means we either have to hand over keys and passwords or build backdoor into the software we write to circumvent any transport/data encryption being used
00:22 pdurbin  An open source project can't just close the pull request with "thank, but we don't want backdoors"?
00:45 prologic I believe there is enough evidence to suggest that if you responded like that you would go to jail
01:22 pdurbin  Even if you don't live in Australia?
03:07 prologic correct
03:07 prologic It also looks like the law may also apply to large tech companies like Google, Apple, Facbook, etc
03:08 prologic Where its believe such companies will be heavily fined until they comply
14:17 prologic https://tox.chat/index.html
22:32 aditsu   if you're not in Australia, Australian laws obviously have no effect, and their police have no authority
22:33 aditsu   the right response would be for all major companies to stop doing business in Australia, shut down all their services over there
22:34 aditsu   then if the users care enough, they'll burn the politicians at the stake :p
22:36 aditsu   prologic: interesting I haven't heard of tox
22:36 aditsu   wikipedia says "The initial commit to GitHub was pushed on June 23, 2013, by a user named irungentoo." ^__^
23:03 prologic yeah I haven't either
23:03 prologic lemme know when you have it set-up and we'll swap Tox IDs
23:03 prologic I have noticed a few things though (mostly just part of the design);
23:03 prologic [09:01:06]  <prologic>	a) When your switch away from the Antitode iOS app you effectively go offline
23:03 prologic [09:01:29]  <prologic>	b) There is therefore (becuase of a) no way to receive messages or get notifications of somsone trying to reach you otherwise
23:03 prologic [09:01:51]  <prologic>	This all makes sense however -- part of the decentralized p2p design -- so there is no Push Notifgications or APN / etc
23:03 prologic [09:02:14]  <prologic>	c) Connecting to the "p2p network" is a bit slow I've noticed -- maybe all the bootstrap nodes are in EU? I'm in AU
23:24 aditsu   I'd like to understand how it works first, i.e. the structure of the network and how messages are routed
23:24 aditsu   prologic: are you saying it doesn't support offline messages?
23:52 aditsu   https://wiki.tox.chat/users/faq : "Support for multiple devices is planned." "Offline messages are planned."