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22:40 pdurbin   dotplus: I'm glad you <3 sourcefu. I've missed a lot because I'm in Indonesia: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/994139758145110016
04:17 prologic  can you turn anything off you don't want?
04:17 prologic  what do they collect?
04:17 prologic  re data privacy and collection
04:16 prologic  anyone familiar with sonos?
01:22 prologic  👋
01:21 prologic  👏
00:42 * dotplus waves
00:42 dotplus   I <3 sourcefu. validation is great for impostors
00:41 bear      that's the tl;dr - yes
00:41 dotplus_  ha! no time to really read and comment, just passing through. But " bear> use the queue all you want to deliver tasks and jobs to who ever is listening, but then use a data store for state" caught my eye. Because I had this conversation literally today at work. Telling someone to use queuing software for queuing and scheduling software for scheduling