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13:51 pdurbin What does "scaling" mean to you? If I said, "We need to start scaling that service," what do you think I mean?
13:54 dotplus making it able to support more "activity" (hits/users/throughput/transactions dependent on what you mean by "service") without losing performance. Note there is no _necessary_ requirement for increased efficiency (although one would hope that it is implied), no statement of horizontal vs. vertical or other implementation details.
13:55 pdurbin Right. More activity. In the doc I'm writing I'm saying "usage" but it's the same thing.
13:57 dotplus is someone misunderstanding?
13:57 pdurbin No, I'm just thinking. Smoke is coming out of my ears.
14:00 pdurbin I feel like scaling has to do with getting fancier in your deployment, with anticipating problems.
14:02 dotplus I would say that's part of the "implementation details" [to support scaling the service]
14:02 pdurbin Sure. At some point you have to get into the details. :)
14:10 pdurbin I just pushed this commit about scaling to our docs (no pull request yet): https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/commit/b1b703a
14:26 pdurbin Basically, I'm proposing a new "Scaling" page in our Admin Guide. Exact topics to be determined. :)
14:27 dotplus ah, then the topic is really "Technical Suggestions for (pre)coping with scaling" but I know that doesn't trip off the tongue too well
14:27 dotplus :)
14:29 pdurbin Yeah, I guess it's a little from the perspective of finding that your installation is getting more usage than you originally anticipated.
14:29 pdurbin installation/service
14:29 dotplus post-coping then.
14:30 pdurbin maybe more like currently grappling with scaling issues :)