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02:45 pdurbin which will be super dope."
02:45 pdurbin "I think in terms of animation, we have things coming out that are like web animation API, which I think is super awesome. It's not super well supported yet but there's some really bright minds like Rachel Neighbors and stuff working on that. Which allows the browser to extend those capabilities of everything that I was talking about in JavaScript like in GreenSock, it gives you some of that stuff natively
02:45 pdurbin I'm still laughing about "super dope" too:
02:43 pdurbin The "Motion Graphics for the Web" demo at https://codepen.io/sol0mka/full/ogOYJj is pretty cool. Via https://github.com/legomushroom/mojs
02:42 pdurbin "Mo.JS is a super favorite of mine because you can spin up SVG elements inside just using the Mo.JS itself. You don’t even have a graphic. You can just spin them up with JavaScript." https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2017/12/01/animating-vuejs-with-sarah-drasner/