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05:02 prologic off-grid eh?
05:02 prologic let's see
05:10 prologic > Scuttlebutt on the other hand makes word of mouth secure with cryptography. Each Scuttlebutt account is comprised of simply two things: an append-only diary and private/public asymmetric crypto keys. An account’s identity is its public key.
05:10 prologic I do believe I'm duplicating this design choice
05:12 prologic > There are no unique usernames, because you can’t guarantee two people in separate places from choosing the same username, much like you cannot forbid the name “John Smith” to be given to a newborn in Canada if it is already taken by another person in Australia.
05:12 prologic ^^^ This is where my design differs/digresses -- each user is to be identified by their user@fqdn -- I believe this also differs in the sense that "offline" features are harder here without having DNS
05:14 prologic pdurbin: thanks for pointing me to this :D
05:14 prologic this is remarkably similar to what I want to build
05:14 prologic Do I still want to build it? maybe
05:15 prologic NodeJS apps sadly are a resource hog :/
05:52 prologic > If you liked this article, consider sharing (tweeting) it to your followers.
05:52 prologic ^^^ haha
05:52 prologic not "eating one's own dog food"
05:58 prologic interesting stuff
06:44 pdurbin  prologic: sure, I heard about Scuttlebutt at Libre Planet.