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14:10 pdurbin  prologic: I just saw your DM and sent you an email. (I don't have a way to check DMs from my phone.)
17:15 prologic ack replied
21:30 prologic aditsu: dotplus yt?
21:34 aditsu   what?
21:37 prologic hi :)
21:37 prologic if you have a few mins that is
21:39 aditsu   so.. yt stands for "you there"?
21:39 aditsu   prologic: anyway, what's up?
21:42 prologic oh
21:42 prologic sorry :)
21:42 prologic so... thinking about how to distribute messages to peers of cooee and users
21:43 prologic the tl;dr of the flow I want to design is something like: User1 posts to Inst1 which broadcasts to other instances follow Users1@Inst1
21:43 prologic messages are otherwise encrypted with GPG and all inst<->inst comms are over TLS/RPC
21:44 prologic when User1@Inst1 follows User2@Inst2 a follow request is issued to User2@Inst2 where a accept/deny response is given and then a GPG pub key exchange happens
21:45 prologic in order to protect pub pgpg keys however, as each inst connects to each other (depending on followers) keys are exchanged and stored only in memory
21:45 prologic of one inst is compromised you'd only compromise your own authored messages (not sure if this can be improved)
21:49 prologic really this is a lot like keybase.io but with no central store/server
22:10 prologic and actually the gpg part is a bit ass backwards
22:11 prologic given that User1@Inst1 that posts a message would have to broadcast copies of the message to followers using each of their public keys