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17:25 pdurbin  I haven't tried doing all those builds for various platforms. I'm sure it's a pain. :)
17:24 pdurbin  Yeah, I guess for now it's mostly a list. In the future it would be nice if it answered more questions. Thanks.
15:58 aditsu   pdurbin: about "what would be better": you could write something like "this project attempts to list all the open-source projects developed at Harvard" then you can talk about the questions it's trying to answer if you want
15:54 aditsu   yeah that last part is a pain
15:32 pdurbin  aditsu: at 476 KB toto-0.8.jar is nice and small. I think you should consider bundling a JRE with it so people don't even have to think about what Toto is written in. They could just download it and start using it. You'd have to make separate builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux, of course.
15:30 pdurbin  Done.
15:09 pdurbin  Maybe I could improve the description at the top of the repo. There's also a place to enter a website but I guess there I no website yet. Maybe the Google doc where I talk about what I'm up to.
14:44 pdurbin  That makes sense. What would be better?
14:42 aditsu   expecting*
14:42 aditsu   sure, I just wasn't expected to be hit immediately with a series of 7 questions first (before any introduction), and even more after that
14:40 pdurbin  I'm glad you think it's better. :)
14:40 pdurbin  aditsu: in a research environment, people have a lot of questions. :)
14:38 aditsu   pdurbin: a bit too question-y, but much better :)
11:21 pdurbin  I like how you have a todo to remind you to go to bed. :)
08:11 prologic Wee todos => https://todo.mills.io/