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12:10 pdurbin   Side-by-side programming languages comparisons - http://rosetta.alhur.es
13:12 sivoais   No Perl 6! :-( Perl 6 has been actively using the Rosetta Code wiki as a source for exploring new idioms.
13:32 pdurbin   sivoais: I wonder how they get the code out of Rosetta Code... if there's an API or something... or if it's a manual effort.
13:33 sivoais   Hmm, I know that processing the wiki is not very difficult. There are automatic downloaders out there.
14:04 pdurbin   so maybe it wouldn't be too tough to add languages
22:26 pdurbin_m Safia Abdalla on Twitter: "Why did the programmer leave his job? Because he didn't get arrays.": https://mobile.twitter.com/captainsafia/status/706242725587329024