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17:53 pdurbin hearing good things about this: Programming Interview Questions | CareerCup - http://www.careercup.com
11:51 aditsu  bbl
11:50 aditsu  updated.. and yeah, I want to know why it's happening
11:49 pdurbin but the question isn't how to fix it... the question is why do you have to fix it... right?
11:49 pdurbin couldn't hurt
11:48 aditsu  I should add a screenshot...
11:47 pdurbin yeah, ubuntu
11:47 aditsu  are you on Linux too?
11:47 aditsu  pdurbin: oh, here it goes to about 700
11:47 pdurbin aditsu: for me it's not twice but chrome is around ~400 on your ruler and firefox is ~500
11:41 aditsu  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33186156/ridiculous-input-width-in-firefox