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17:19 aditsu   semiosis: I set the label's font to Symbola, and I can see it changed the font, but it doesn't look any better; it has 3 question marks at the end
17:08 aditsu   newer jdk didn't help :/
17:01 aditsu   interestingly, if I copy that string and paste it into kwrite, the 2nd character looks fine but the 3rd one becomes a box
17:00 aditsu   also, not sure if that logic is implemented directly in java or some other library or OS component
16:59 aditsu   not sure why that didn't work for the 2nd one...
16:59 aditsu   btw, about fonts, java doesn't forcibly try to use a fixed font for all the characters, but automatically falls back to different fonts that are able to render them
16:53 aditsu   let me try a newer jdk...
16:50 aditsu   another right arrow -> it moves past the "eye" and the emoji
16:49 aditsu   one right arrow -> it moves past the ace and the square (which should have been a kanji character)
16:48 aditsu   it looks just like the alert, but when I use arrow keys, it moves over 2 characters at a time for some of them
16:47 aditsu   if I set the default text in the input dialog, something very weird happens
16:44 aditsu   I wonder if there's a similar problem in Linux
16:43 aditsu   hmmmm "On Mac OS there is a bug in the os depended clipboard code. Therefore you can’t paste any text with emojis in a JavaFX textfield. I will describe this problem in detail later."
16:42 aditsu   anyway, let me try the hacks from that link and see what happens...
16:38 aditsu   it shows them all correctly, except the 2nd one for which it shows a placeholder glyph
16:37 aditsu   besides, the (non-JavaFX) JOptionPane message dialog handles the characters just fine
16:37 semiosis ok then i'm no help, sorry
16:36 aditsu   that's wrong, the font has nothing to do with the string encoding
16:35 semiosis unicode characters span multiple bytes (i do know that) so if a font doesnt know how to assemble the multiples into a single char, you get more chars than you should
16:35 aditsu   the font should only affect how the string gets displayed, not the number and value of the characters
16:34 semiosis or i completely misunderstand the problem, which is very likely too
16:34 semiosis and agrees that it *is* a font issue
16:33 semiosis this seems relevant... http://www.guigarage.com/2015/01/support-emojis/
16:33 aditsu   especially the input dialog completely messes up the string
16:32 aditsu   (maybe)
16:32 aditsu   the problem is not about the font (except the 2nd character)
16:30 semiosis what font does the console or alert dialog use?
16:30 semiosis otherwise idk anything about unicode :(
16:30 semiosis sounds like you need to select a font that supports those characters, as you point out in your question
16:29 aditsu   thanks :)
16:26 pdurbin  semiosis: unicode and javafx question: http://irclog.greptilian.com/friendlyjava/2015-10-13#i_141649