Time  Nick     Message
14:23 pdurbin  much better :)
14:23 prologic have Travis CI builds giong too
14:22 prologic :)
14:22 prologic been hackingo n mio-lang again http://mio-lang.org/
14:22 prologic oh yes ofc!
14:21 pdurbin  prologic: for the logger please include http://
14:19 prologic mio-lang.org
14:19 prologic been hacking on mio-lang again
14:19 prologic hmm
04:56 prologic ahh yeap
03:33 sivoais  there's another Lisp built on Python: <http://docs.hylang.org/en/latest/>
03:24 prologic I think I've seen this lang before
03:24 prologic ahh yes
01:46 pdurbin  a Clojure-like language written in RPython: https://github.com/pixie-lang/pixie