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00:44 pdurbin   prologic: I'm pleased you're taking this address book so seriously.
00:45 pdurbin   in the API to edit my address book, I was just tweaking the PUT method to make sure it does a proper replace :)
00:45 pdurbin   not at a REST API is required at all!
00:45 * pdurbin looks at aditsu
00:45 pdurbin   but why not if you want :)
00:46 pdurbin   prologic: I'm in Boston, by the way. East coast.
00:48 pdurbin   not *that* a REST API is required at all, I meant
00:57 pdurbin   prologic: oh, and aditsu and I agreeded that you don't have to do any auth at all: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-03-29#i_105539
00:59 pdurbin   prologic: also, I'm not sure what you mean when you say you can store anything you want. aditsu and I were talking about a very basic schema, that name and phone number would be required: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-04-04#i_107291
02:46 * aditsu  looks back at pdurbin, with a "what?" expression on his face
04:10 prologic  did I miss anything?
04:10 prologic  despite using a bouncer I can’t know if I’ve missed anything between my bouncer sessions :)
04:13 aditsu    prologic: just check the logs
04:13 prologic  good idea :)
04:16 prologic  ok cool all caught up
04:16 prologic  so pdurbin …
04:16 prologic  auth is simple to do for me I guess
04:16 prologic  circuits.web has a few batteries included but nothing high-level (it’s not Django hehehehe)
04:17 prologic  so I might try to use either JSON Schema here or yota to validate inputs and have some kind of schema
04:18 prologic  tbqh though I’m leaning towards JSON Schema simply because it encourages better loose coupling of data and presentation
04:18 prologic  whereas with yota (a python lib I’ve quite liked) you define your form’s models/schema and call render on the objects and when you get data back you can use those same objects to perform validation
04:18 prologic  it’s all a bit too tightly coupled for my liking :)
10:30 pdurbin   prologic: yeah, I've been thinking I should validate inputs too.
10:39 pdurbin   I feel like Django might have something similar to yota built in.