Time  Nick     Message
13:32 pdurbin  ok, so just a single address book
13:30 aditsu   pdurbin: that's fine, no auth needed
13:24 pdurbin  aditsu: does the address book need to support auth? mine doesn't. anyone can add or delete! :)
13:23 pdurbin  sivoais: I almost made an issue for you but I wasn't sure if you're in or not with mojo.
13:22 pdurbin  also for now I'm using Derby but I plan to switch to PostgreSQL.
13:21 pdurbin  I'm going to work on editing next. Probably on the API side first with PUT.
13:21 pdurbin  aditsu: I'm keeping the bar low :)
13:18 prologic pdurbin, I saw :) thanks
13:17 aditsu   pdurbin: there's no phone number, and editing doesn't work
13:16 pdurbin  aditsu: I can make an issue for you too if you'd like :)
13:16 pdurbin  prologic: I made a ticket for you: circuits.web example · Issue #2 · pdurbin/addressbookmvc - https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/issues/2 :)
13:15 pdurbin  aditsu: this is what I have so far: http://tmp.greptilian.com:8080/javaee7addressbook-1.0-SNAPSHOT/
01:50 pdurbin  :)
01:49 prologic mostly :)
01:49 pdurbin  heh
01:49 prologic but swap our java for circuits
01:49 prologic just copy your structure
01:49 pdurbin  great
01:48 prologic I'll do the same
01:48 prologic np
01:48 prologic *nods*
01:48 pdurbin  I mean, I kind of assume most people will want to deploy to Linux.
01:48 pdurbin  I think it's important to show/explain what's required to be installed/configured.
01:48 pdurbin  prologic: you'll see a Vagrant file in mine
01:47 pdurbin  awesome
01:45 prologic sure can!
01:44 pdurbin  prologic: can you fork my repo and put in here under "examples"? https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/tree/master/examples
01:44 prologic i.e: server-rendered
01:44 pdurbin  heh
01:44 prologic *nods*
01:44 prologic hopefully tonight if I'm not too tired :)
01:44 pdurbin  right, but server-side focused
01:44 prologic alright I'll whip one up
01:44 prologic kk nps
01:44 pdurbin  I mean, I stubbed out a RESTful API in mine because I like that stuff. But I'm also trying to use JSF for the HTML rendering.
01:44 prologic kk
01:44 prologic so full backend/frontend app
01:44 prologic oh okay
01:43 pdurbin  a GUI *is* required
01:43 pdurbin  well hold on
01:41 prologic RESTful API only?
01:41 prologic no ui/frontend required?
01:41 prologic add, list, remove, view?
01:41 prologic so address book yeah?
01:41 prologic I'll write one up then
01:41 prologic yeah ok
01:40 pdurbin  TodoMVC's tagline is "Helping you select an MV* framework" :)
01:39 pdurbin  MVC has just sort of come to mean "framework" when it comes to web stuff
01:38 pdurbin  prologic: it absolutely does not have to be MVC
01:31 prologic or do we want to demonstrate that kind of pattern?
01:31 prologic does it *have* to be mvc?
01:31 prologic sure can
01:25 pdurbin  prologic: so do you want to bang together a quick address book webapp in circuits.web or whatever?
01:24 pdurbin  right
01:23 prologic e.g: https://github.com/circuits/circuits/tree/master/examples/web/wiki
01:23 pdurbin  you're welcome to look at what I have so far: https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/tree/master/examples/javaee7
01:23 prologic that would be interesting to compare
01:23 prologic yeah
01:22 pdurbin  aditsu suggested an address book webapp, which sounds fine
01:22 pdurbin  a web app
01:22 pdurbin  of a simple app
01:22 pdurbin  actual code
01:22 pdurbin  not some whitepaper
01:22 pdurbin  is there a comparision for backend technologies?
01:22 prologic I can see that
01:22 prologic ahh yeah
01:22 pdurbin  but
01:21 pdurbin  idea*
01:21 pdurbin  prologic: the ideas with ToDoMVC is that you can compare various front end Javascript frameworks. Angular vs. Ember vs. the rest.
01:20 prologic pdurbin, don't think so; why?
01:20 pdurbin  I'm definitely thinking minimum viable product on this thing.
01:18 pdurbin  aditsu: it has to look good?! uh oh ;)
01:17 pdurbin  prologic: have you ever seen https://github.com/tastejs/todomvc/tree/master/examples ?
00:01 aditsu   pdurbin: well.. it should look decent; did you write your implementation already?