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20:32 pdurbin  I heard http://www.confreaks.com/videos/2488-railsconf2013-how-to-talk-to-developers is really good
20:32 pdurbin  at http://javascriptjabber.com/118-jsj-web-developer-skills/
20:32 pdurbin  will try to watch/listen to it before I give my talk at the end of the month (!)
20:33 semiosis that's timely info, thanks
20:38 pdurbin  semiosis: you're giving a talk too?
20:39 semiosis i'm mentoring two FIU students for their senior project course, they'll be working on glusterfs-java-filesystem
20:39 semiosis tomorrow i'll be doing an intro to the project for them
20:41 pdurbin  nice
20:42 pdurbin  semiosis: you could write a chapter for this book: The Architecture of Open Source Applications - http://aosabook.org
20:45 semiosis i dont see this project as blazing any new trails architecturally
20:45 semiosis but maybe it is!
20:45 pdurbin  :)
20:55 semiosis not sure how helpful that how to talk to devs talk was
20:56 semiosis tuned out after "plant a nodder"
21:03 pdurbin  bummer
21:05 semiosis i also find that bubbly presenter style to be v. annoying/grating
21:13 semiosis and while i'm on the topic of things that annoy me... fancy Vim tricks
21:13 semiosis here's a nickel, kid, get yourself a better IDE
21:13 semiosis http://dilbert.com/dyn/str_strip/000000000/00000000/0000000/000000/20000/1000/000/21021/21021.strip.gif
21:15 pdurbin  depends on how fancy I guess
21:16 pdurbin  vim is nice when ssh'ed in to a server
21:51 pdurbin  not diggin how this talk starts. too much exercise :)
22:39 pdurbin  I agree with "it's more important to be interesting than informative"
22:40 pdurbin  I'm realizing this is the guy from http://podcasts.thoughtbot.com/giantrobots , which I like
22:41 pdurbin  Ben Orenstein (r00k) on Twitter - https://twitter.com/r00k
23:17 semiosis it's more important to be interesting than entertaining
23:17 semiosis -me