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01:17 pdurbin   strange: jOOQ is a fluent API for typesafe SQL query construction and execution - http://www.jooq.org
13:05 larsks    "jooq" sounds disturbingly like some sort of slur.  "Pfft, those Java programmers, what a bunch of jooqs."
13:07 pdurbin   heh
15:01 sivoais   I keep on coming across people calling fluent interfaces a subset of DSLs. That's not quite what I have in mind when I think of DSLs (e.g. TeX, PostScript, POV-Ray).
15:15 larsks    sivoais: Hadn't heard the term "fluent interface" before.  So, I guess jOOQ would be a fluent interface?
15:16 larsks    ...based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluent_interface
15:18 sivoais   larsks: yeah. I really appreciate using them because they read/write nicely like a command line.
15:19 sivoais   well, most command lines :-P
18:32 * pdurbin runs `brew install graphviz` for http://schemaspy.sourceforge.net
18:46 sivoais   I can't believe that no one has attempted to emulate Emacs advice functionality in Vim yet
18:47 sivoais   e.g. using around, begin, after aspects
23:23 * pdurbin should try emacs some day. maybe with clojure