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19:46 pdurbin   code faster!
17:02 pdurbin   BooleanClause.Occur.MUST !
17:01 pdurbin   BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery BooleanQuery
15:26 pdurbin   all is right in the world again :)
15:26 pdurbin   and the lucene query is equivalent to this: egrep 'yellow|finch|spruce'
15:26 pdurbin   right. 19 total
15:25 pdurbin   there would be even more
15:25 pdurbin   i'm only collecting the top 10 docs
15:25 pdurbin   TopScoreDocCollector.create(10, true)
15:25 pdurbin   oh oh oh
15:23 pdurbin   not that it matters, I guess. I just have more experience reasoning about regex
15:23 pdurbin   oh, hmm. I think I get it. not sure how to reproduce it as a regex though
15:16 pdurbin   I don't understand why Lucene's (text:finch text:yellow) (text:finch text:spruce) is not the same as ack 'yellow.*finch|finch.*spruce' for the strings I'm testing with at https://github.com/pdurbin/lucene-sandbox
13:56 pdurbin   yeah. haskell! :)
13:13 ben_e     git-annex does look pretty cool
10:28 * pdurbin leaves a comment about the episode: https://plus.google.com/109022464050377972065/posts/YeeqZBQjRq6
10:24 pdurbin   hmm, and this is a new article by the developer of BFG: http://www.guardian.co.uk/info/developer-blog/2013/apr/29/rewrite-git-history-with-the-bfg
10:23 pdurbin   and the same guy wrote ikiwiki, which is awesome
10:22 pdurbin   I'm interested in the functionality and the fact that it's written in Haskell
10:22 pdurbin   they talk a little bit about https://github.com/joeyh/git-annex ... which I'd like to hear more about
10:21 pdurbin   simply*
10:21 pdurbin   both projects are built on http://www.jgit.org which (like others) he simly raves about
10:20 pdurbin   he's the author of https://github.com/rtyley/agit (and android git client) and https://github.com/rtyley/bfg-repo-cleaner which removes large files from repos (and other stuff)
10:18 pdurbin   I'm almost done listening to this and I'm really enjoying it: GitMinutes: GitMinutes #06: Roberto Tyley on Rewriting History - http://episodes.gitminutes.com/2013/04/gitminutes-06-roberto-tyley-on.html