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21:22 pdurbin       I also listened to the first episode of http://scalatypes.com but it's pretty old. I'll see if I end up listening all way up to the current one
21:22 pdurbin       that can be good or bad depending on your requirements :)
21:21 pdurbin       sounds like scala is evolving quickly, based on what I'm hearing at http://www.scalawags.tv
20:58 * semiosis    reads the irc log
20:48 crimsonfubot` semiosis: The Rest Of The Story | codahale.com: <http://codahale.com/the-rest-of-the-story/>; response - Coda Hale: <http://codahale.com/downloads/email-to-donald.txt>; Yammer Moving from Scala to Java - InfoQ: <http://www.infoq.com/news/2011/11/yammer-scala>; codahale (Coda Hale) ยท GitHub: <https://github.com/codahale>; Is Scala making the right steps forward? - JAXenter: <http://jaxenter.com (2 more messages)
20:48 semiosis      @google coda hale scala
20:48 semiosis      see what coda hale had to say about scala (though a bit outdated by now)...
20:46 semiosis      hard enough finding good java devs, and that's taught in every college
20:46 semiosis      had to give up on it because it would've been impossible to hire developers if our stack relied on scala
20:45 semiosis      tool support (maven, IDEs, etc) was pretty poor
20:44 semiosis      this was about a year ago
20:44 semiosis      we tried it for a few months but it was problematic
20:43 semiosis      yes
20:43 pdurbin       semiosis: oh? you've used it a bit?
20:42 semiosis      it's hard not to like scala... almost as hard as scala is to actually use :)
20:39 pdurbin       :)
20:38 semiosis      better than being considered harmful
20:23 pdurbin       scala declared ok rather than awesome: http://echelog.com/logs/browse/netbeans/1366668000
14:32 pdurbin       whoops, asked a javaee7/jsf question in #richfaces just before a meeting started: http://transcripts.jboss.org/channel/irc.freenode.org/%23richfaces/2013/%23richfaces.2013-04-23.log.html#t2013-04-23T13:48:11
10:01 pdurbin       aditsu: yeah, the tricky bit is the way we allow additional search "within these results" from the results page. you can see what I mean at http://dvn-3.hmdc.harvard.edu/dvn/
06:45 aditsu        pdurbin: I don't know.. isn't faceted search supposed to do that already? e.g. you choose some facets then you get some results and options to filter based on more facets