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13:40 pdurbin for anyone else, here is the original description of the problem: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-04-18#i_5355
13:38 pdurbin ok
13:38 aditsu  you can assume they're all in a line, or 10 by 10 if you prefer
13:37 pdurbin are the boxes in nice neat rows? 10 rows of 10 boxes or something? or are they all in a jumble
13:36 aditsu  no information that a prisoner gains in the room can be transmitted to another prisoner in any way
13:35 aditsu  no mark, nothing
13:35 aditsu  nope
13:35 pdurbin can he turn the box upside down? can he put a mark on it?
13:33 aditsu  pdurbin: his friend is not in the room at the same time, and he can't take the box out of the room or even move it within the room
13:26 pdurbin aditsu: can the first prisoner simply open a box, see a picture of his friend, close the box, and then carry the box over to where his friend is standing and set it in from of him?