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17:54 pdurbin   spilth: it's heaven
16:41 spilth    pdurbin: Must be nice to be able to automatically make stuff public
16:37 spilth    The things I'm trying to cover are: Local Dev Environment, Version Control, Dependency Management, Build Scripting, Unit Testing, Static Analysis, Continuous Integration, Binary Repository, Scripted Deployment
16:35 * pdurbin likes docs
16:34 spilth    I started working on this "technology stack guide" for work and you just made me realize that I should add "Documentation" as a piece of the puzzle
16:32 spilth    semi-related, the Jekyll community on G+ switched to a more generic "Static Site Generators" community - https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116676323008299046834
16:30 pdurbin   i made more noise about sphinx vs. a maven site: http://www.evanchooly.com/logs/%23%23java/2013-02-12
16:30 spilth    I assisted if they had a problem
16:30 spilth    the "students" liked having the interactive class to go through it. brought their macs into the meeting room so they could try out each example
16:29 spilth    thanks
16:29 pdurbin   great stuff
16:29 spilth    https://github.com/spilth/spilth.org/blob/master/presentations/ruby-crash-course.html
16:28 spilth    I should put a link to it in there
16:28 spilth    yes
16:28 pdurbin   looks great. is the source on github?
16:27 pdurbin   when in doubt :)
16:24 spilth    I made my Ruby Crash Course public at http://spilth.org/presentations/ruby-crash-course/