Time  Nick     Message
19:30 spilth   Oooh, I should get my liquid-eval into Travis...
19:29 pdurbin  failing
19:28 semiosis (awestruct)
19:28 semiosis travisci fail lol
19:28 pdurbin  meh. ikiwiki and jekyll are doing it for me for now
19:28 spilth   And a friend just pointed me to http://ringce.com/hyde (Python)
19:28 pdurbin  right
19:27 spilth   There's also http://awestruct.org/
19:27 pdurbin  yet another :)
19:27 semiosis seems related to the ongoing static site generator conversation
19:27 semiosis oh hey i came across this on twitter over the weekend... http://middlemanapp.com/
19:22 spilth   I shouldn't make fun... but he's 14 and so not interested in advce
19:20 pdurbin  spilth: it's logged if you want to link it up
19:17 spilth   OMG, this guy in #jekyll wants to run Jekyll on a dedicated server...
15:40 spilth   Embed code examples and their output easily! Impress your friends!
15:39 spilth   Version 0.0.1 of my Liquid Eval block is out! https://rubygems.org/gems/liquid-eval
02:05 pdurbin  An open-source GUI prototyping tool that's available for ALL platforms - http://pencil.evolus.vn